7 Weird But Totally Amazing Things Oregano Oil Can Do For Your Body

I was recently down and out with what was either a terrible sinus infection or unrelenting allergies, and my friend Cara, who is kind of a good-witch-tincture queen, suggested I start taking oregano oil.

After several other failed attempts to conquer my stuffy sinus issues, I found that the combination of a Neti pot and some oregano oil eased my malady in a matter of just three short weeks.

Then, a couple weeks later, when I randomly developed a canker sore, I took my magic potion again, and that annoying little sucker disappeared almost instantly.

Now fully convinced, I did a little research on this magical elixir we call oregano oil -- steam extracted from the oregano herb -- and it seems that canker sores and allergies aren't the only things this stuff can beat.

Here are a few other random, but equally amazing things oregano oil can do for your body.

Keep in mind that while oregano oil has research to back up some of these benefits it (and many other medicinal herbs) is not always backed by thorough scientific research. Some of it's just good ole testimonial.

That being said, it can be used topically for skin issues. Otherwise, mix some drops in hot ginger tea or water, or drop it under the tongue to feel the heal.

1. Say Goodbye To Respiratory Issues

Oregano is a histamine-reducing herb; it's said to help with coughs, asthma, and bronchitis.

It also contains rosmarinic acid, which, as a 2004 study in Clinical & Experimental Allergy showed, can reduce allergic inflammation.

This can be especially helpful when it comes to dealing with the pesky pains of a blocked sinus passage.

While not exactly a cure for the common cold, it might come close!

Along with those respiratory benefits, oregano oil helps soothe the throat, and when added to a vaporizer, can clear up a stuffy nose.

2. It Can Calm An Upset Stomach

Studies have shown that oregano oil's antifungal and antiviral properties make it a particularly useful resource for gastrointestinal and digestive issues.

It's actually been found to be effective in fighting bacteria that causes food poisoning and intestinal infections.

OK, OK, I see you, oregano oil. 

3. It Could Help You Get Rid Of A Yeast Infection

Because of its anti-fungal properties, oregano oil is also believed to be a treatment for candida -- most commonly known as a yeast infection, typically of the vagina, mouth, or throat.

Keep in mind that yeast infections are often doctor-worthy maladies and require much more treatment than just an essential oil regimen.

Perhaps the oregano oil can get you through that uncomfortable lag time when you're dealing with the problem down there and waiting to see your gyno.

4. Your Skin Will Love It -- All Over

You can use oregano oil on your acne, canker sores, psoriasis, eczema -- you name it, this baby can do it.

Again, those antibacterial and antifungal properties come into play here, making it a great topical treatment for any blemishes on your skin.

Pro tip: It can sometimes burn upon application, so definitely be careful when trying it out, and be sure not to use the oil on any cut or broken skin.

Recommended “carrier oils” (aka what you can mix the oregano oil with to minimize the burn) include coconut or olive oils to make sure application is as soothing as possible.

5. It Might Reduce Your Risk Of Cancer And Heart Disease

There's a big emphasis on the word might here.

This definitely doesn't give you license to smoke a pack a day and expect not to get cancer, but the ursolic acid in oregano oil is thought to be an antioxidant that inhibits cancer growth and protects heart and blood vessels from those pesky, ruinous free radicals.

Magical AF, amirite?

6. It Can Soothe Your Worst Period Cramps

New word for the day: emmenagogues -- aka herbs that stimulate menstrual flow, and oregano is one of 'em.

Oregano oil is thought to stimulate and regulate blood flow, so you can use this baby as a treatment for missing or painful periods.

Plus, when mixed with a little coconut oil, it can be a really nice topical rub on the uterus for cramps.

7. Your Brain Will Love It Just As Much As Your Body

The carvacrol in oregano oil is thought to boost dopamine levels and help with motivation.

 As you start to experiment with oregano oil, definitely keep in mind this sh*t is strong, so it's always best to dilute it with another type of soothing oil, and proceed with caution.