5 Incredible Things That Can Happen To Your Hair When You Stop Using Shampoo

The "no 'poo" hair method is literally what it sounds like: You are washing your hair sans shampoo.

Although this may sound extremely strange -- and for some, dirty -- it's actually not as bad as you may think.

Caring for your hair without shampoo actually withholds tons of benefits for your tresses that may make you want to consider trying the "no 'poo" trend for yourself.

Here's what can happen to your luscious locks if you decide to ditch your shampoo.

1. Your Hair Returns To Its Normal pH Level

Shampoos tend to disrupt the natural pH level of your hair, affecting both the cuticles and scalp.

However, if you choose to swap your shampoo for, say, apple cider vinegar, your hair's pH level balances out a bit more, because the acidic level of ACV is similar to that of your hair.

Ah, just another reason to love good ol' apple cider vinegar.

2. Dandruff Will Become A Thing Of The Past

When ditching their shampoo, some people choose to replace the product with baking soda, which actually works to fight against dandruff.

Baking soda reduces overactive fungi that can cause those dreaded white flakes.

Your hair may feel dry at first with this method, but over time, you'll notice your scalp will soon catch up with the change.

3. Your Scalp Adjusts

If you tend to have greasy hair, your shampoo could actually be the culprit behind those extra oils.

The product actually strips your hair of its natural oils, and in response, your hair produces more oil to compensate.

With no 'poo, however, your scalp adjusts back to a more natural level of oils, leaving you grease-free.

4. You'll Have Less Frizz To Deal With

No 'poo can also mean no frizz, thanks to all those natural oils up in your tresses.

For many women who have curly (and often frizzy) hair, they tend to resort to serums and products that promise "anti-frizz" magic, but this often just leads to more dried out, unhealthy-looking hair.

Say goodbye to those gels and enjoy the magic that is the no-'poo lifestyle.

5. Your Hair Gets Thicker

Many women who have stopped washing their hair with shampoo have found some serious increase in both the thickness and volume of their luscious locks.

For example, after going five weeks sans shampoo, this lifestyle blogger said her hair appeared thicker and wavier, while another woman similarly claimed, just by washing up in the shower with only water and no product, her hair appeared to have way more body to it.

Ladies, big hair will never not be attractive.

Between restoring your scalp's natural oils and thickening your tresses, what excuse do you have at this point not to throw away your shampoo bottle once and for all?

If you're not convinced, think about all the damn money you'll be saving, girl. That is a benefit everyone can get onboard with, amirite?