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The Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar, As Told By 5 Celebrities


Honestly, the benefits of apple cider vinegar remind me of Mary Poppins and the never-ending items stashed away in her purse -- they just keep coming.

Apparently, celebrities have been hip to the wonders of this vinegar elixir for awhile now.

In case you've been asleep (which, is totally fine, I'm here to help), some of your favorite A-list celebs absolutely swear by this magical stuff.

And the best part is that each of them have found different ways to use apple cider vinegar (ACV), underlining all the amazing ways it can aid in overall health.

1. Katy Perry

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The pop star has used apple cider vinegar all her life, and she's even attributed it to why she's never had to cancel a show due to health-related reasons.

She told SELF,

2. Miranda Kerr

This Victoria Secret model told Vogue Australia she loves to drizzle apple cider vinegar on her salads:

She also touted the excellence of ACV when it comes to maintaining her gorgeous long locks:

I bet you thought a Victoria's Secret model was all glamour, huh?

Kerr is living proof that the most glamorous looks can come from the most raw, organic, and fundamentally healthy lifestyles.

Take notes, people.

3. Scarlett Johansson

As for this gorgeous actress, she loves using apple cider vinegar in her skincare regimen.

She told Elle,

Good on you for lookin' out for your SO there, Scarlett. Thanks for the tip, girl.

4. Megan Fox

Fox is all about using ACV to tame the symptoms of her PMS:

The Transformers star told The Telegraph that she also tends to use apple cider vinegar to detox her body whenever she's been on a sugar kick for too long.

I've been on a sugar kick for like 25 years, so should I just buy out the store, or...?

5. Fergie

Fergie has said she loves doing shots of apple cider vinegar:

Sounds a little gross, but if Fergie gives it a stamp of approval, it has to be *Fergalicious* right?!