12 Celebrity Workout Routines To Try At Home When You Need Some Inspiration

Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Images

When you're in a workout rut, it honestly feels like the only place to turn is your mom's '80s core-sculpting cassette.

But, seriously, that's no way to live.

Ditch your VCR (please, it's 2017, girl), and take some major exercise inspo from your favorite strong, glowing, totally badass celebs.

Blake Lively's personal trainer might cost you a couple grand to hire, but thankfully, you can still try her killer, total-body workout fo' free.

Here are 12 sweaty, celebrity-approved circuits that will pluck you right out of your fitness flop and leave you feeling red-carpet ready (well, after you take a shower -- let's keep it real, people).

1. Keri Russell's Self Defense Workout

Self-defense expert and former pro ballerina, Avital Zeisler created this full-body workout to whip Keri Russell into fighting shape.

From burpees to jumping jack variations, you'll be sweating from head to toe -- and feeling empowered AF along the way.

2. Blake Lively's Total-Body Workout

Listen, if this sweaty circuit is going to make me exude Lively's confident blonde bombshell vibes, I'm so down to give it a try.

Even if it means doing push-ups and jump squats, three rounds through.

Bring. It. On.

3. Naomi Campbell's Booty Blaster

Campbell swears by one unique stability ball move only to stay away from the typical boring butt-builders out there.

Her trainer advocates mental and spiritual fitness, too. Brains and a booty? Yas, queen.

I, for one, am sick of wall-sits -- bring on the supermodel scissor kicks!

4. Demi Lovato's Tour Training

Lovato stays fit on tour by doing three sets of these strength moves with her trainer.

If this superstar has the time to squeeze in moves like the "wood chop squat" and the "curtsy with a side kick" while she's on tour, then you, my friend, have no excuse at all for skipping your gym sesh.

Work hard, play hard, amirite?

5. Isla Fisher's Calming Yoga Routine

From a simple up-dog, to a more challenging king dancer pose, Isla Fisher will help you bring out your inner yogi goddess with her favorite flow.

She even throws a "glute buster" in there, because you can never have enough #BootyGains.

6. Jillian Michaels' Body-Shred Circuit Workout

With a combo of strength, cardio, and core circuits, you will feel the burn with this kickass circuit.

Oh, and if you dare to tell me you "don't have time to workout," Jill's got you covered. Her circuit will only take you 30 minutes to complete.

No excuses, baby.

7. Alison Sweeney's Abs Workout

When you think of working abs, doesn't your mind automatically go to crunches?

Thankfully, Alison Sweeney knows how to keep an ab workout interesting. Her circuit is crunch-free, without sacrificing the burn.

Sweeney uses 12-pound dumbbells, but you can use whatever you have available (I opt for my old college textbooks; I knew Statistics would come in handy one of these days).

8. Madonna's Hard Candy Workout

If you had the opportunity to imitate Madonna, why on Earth wouldn't you take it?

Well, you do -- plank just like the queen of pop with these intense moves.

You can thank me later.

9. Colbie Caillat's Super Circuit Workout

Caillat's trainer usually makes her do an hour of non-stop HIIT circuits, but like... I think I passed away just typing that.

Let's just stick to a solid 15 minutes.

Do these five strengthening body sculptors in any order, and repeat once more when you're done.

10. Lindsey Vonn's Lower-Body Workout

All you need is a stability ball and your beautiful bod for this booty blaster.

You're basically one step closer to being an Olympic skier with these kickass exercises.

OK, maybe not -- but you can dream!

11. Audrina Patridge's Ab Blaster

This high-intensity routine will take your breath away -- and no equipment needed!

Do one set of 20 reps of each move, and try not to rest at all in between.

Personally, I'm going to beat the system by doing them right next to my bed, so I can face-plant into my comforter immediately after.

12. Jennifer Lopez's Curvaceous Circuit

I usually can't "dance the night away" after leg day, but for J-Lo, I'll make an exception.

Try these two exercises when you're completely over your usual eight-minute-abs, and you're looking for a solid lower-body challenge.