Weekend Trips Unpacked

Sun, Sand, & Stars

An Astrologer Built My Dream Caribbean Vacay Based On My Birth Chart

Not me, a double water sign, with allll the water activities.

By Sarah Ellis
Totes Booked

I Tried 6 Viral Weekender Bags Every Saturday & Sunday This Summer

They’re all TikTok-famous, but only one of them is a 10 out of 10.

By Kaitlin Cubria
Tip Included

How To Spend 48 Hours & $480 On A Girls’ Getaway In Nashville

Make coastal cowgirl your entire personality for a weekend.

By Lara Walsh
Solo Traveler

The Perfect Travel Companion Isn’t A Person — It’s This Vibrator

Meet your new bestie.

By Hayley Folk
Easiest. Hack. Ever.

How 5 People Volunteered To Housesit For A Free Weekend Stay

Travelers share their experiences watching homes in NYC, Scotland, and Germany.

By Rachel Chapman