There are tons of virgo necklaces featuring dainty, cute designs to give to the virgo in your life
The Virgo In Your Life Deserves One Of These Dainty Necklaces

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From now until Sept. 22, it’s all about you, Virgos. You work so hard day in and day out, and now, it’s time to celebrate yourself — maybe with a new necklace inspired by your zodiac sign? Between Virgo’s symbol, constellation, and more, there are plenty of delicate Virgo necklaces you can wear to pay homage to your sign.

Given Virgo is one of the largest constellations in the sky, you can’t go wrong with getting the stars on your necklace. Surely, you’re familiar with the other most common design: the Virgo glyph with the letter “M” and a loop. There are a lot of different meanings proscribed to this glyph, but the most common rule of thought is that the “M” is a reference to the maiden, Virgo’s symbol, and the loop represents closing oneself off to immortality and impurity, according to AstroStyle. As Virgo is one of the few signs not depicted by an animal, you can also find some interesting depictions of the maiden as the focus of a Virgo necklace. All in all, there’s a bountiful selection of Virgo jewelry out there for you.

Now that you have all of your conceptual options laid out before you, you can begin hunting down the perfect Virgo necklace for you. Whether you want a statement piece or something to add to your stack, there’s a piece for you in the daintiest, Virgo-inspired pieces below.

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Tai Jewelry Zodiac Mother of Pearl Coin Necklace
Local Eclectic

Just like you, Tai Jewelry’s Mother Of Pearl Necklace ($60, Local Eclectic) is luminous with its pearl adornment. The iridescent background also makes the gold glyph pop. Meanwhile, the gold-plated chain is thin and will keep you from experiencing that yucky, green skin reaction.


Thelidia Stainless Steel Virgo Necklace

There’s nothing better than just decreeing your sign with thelidia’s Virgo Necklace ($19, Etsy). The gothic font is incredibly trendy, and it takes all the guesswork out of what your necklace means. If you like to keep things straight to the point, which, Virgo, you tend to, this is definitely the necklace for you.


Virgo Constellation Necklace
Earth Bound Trading

Tap into your star power with this Virgo Constellation Necklace ($10, Earth Bound Trading). There are small gems to add a sparkle to each point of the constellation. It’ll be like the universe is shimming on your chest.


JacarandaDesigns Silver Virgo Necklace

JacarandaDesigns’ Silver Virgo Necklace ($25, Etsy) is super fun because it's reversible. One side has the Virgo’s glyph and name, whereas the other depicts the maiden of the harvest (often the Greek goddess Demeter) to show Virgo’s connection to the Earth. Every day, you can wake up and choose which side you want to rep.


Zodiac Coin Necklace
Simple & Dainty

In its depiction of the maiden, Simple and Dainty’s Coin Necklace ($84, Simple and Dainty) surrounds her with stars, and she kneels as she holds onto a staff. It’s a beautiful and soft representation of her, capturing the tender nature of your sign.


Virgo Zodiac Deity Necklace
Dear Ava

When curating a stack of necklaces, ones with smaller details are key. Dear Ava’s Deity Necklace ($39, Dear Ava) is beautifully minimal, making it a super light addition to your other necklaces. While it’s not immediately eye-catching, its simplicity makes it a standout.


Virgo Zodiac Necklace
Made by Mary

With extra detail given to Virgo’s brightest stars, Made by Mary’s Zodiac Necklace ($58, Made by Mary) shows an uncomplicated yet honest image of what your constellation looks like in the night sky. This necklace might even help you find it the next time you go stargazing.



Zodiac Star Crossed Lovers Necklace
Frasier Sterling

You can’t go wrong with the dangling Star Crossed Lovers Necklace ($52, Frasier Sterling). The choker style is ever-so popular at the moment and lets the letters bounce around your neck.