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Selena Gomez at the 2022 ABC Disney Upfronts ahead of her getting new wispy bangs and extensions.

Selena Gomez Debuted '70s-Style Hair On TikTok That'll Make You Want Extensions

It’s waist-length perfection.

Although she can no longer change her hair with just a snap of her fingers, Selena Gomez debuted a new hairdo on TikTok, and it’s so ethereal. Don’t worry, her amazing bangs didn’t go anywhere. Instead, she added some seriously long layers for an ultra glamorous look. Given that her TikTok has nearly 1 million likes, I’m pretty sure everyone agrees that this hairdo is a total win.

“I’m not willing to admit that I was wrong, so I’m gonna pretend that I love it and that this was the plan,” Gomez lip-synced in her TikTok posted on Thursday, May 25. Whether the audio relates to her hair or not, fans are in love with her new lewk. The Rare Beauty founder’s bangs are now wispy and so long they almost cover her eyes. The rest of her medium brown hair is now waist-long with some layers for depth. It looks so silky, you just want to run your hands through it.

Gomez has been a lover of bangs for a long time. When she first entered the world of acting back as a Disney star in 2007, she rocked side bangs very befitting of the early 2000s. Since then, she’s had blunt bangs, curtain bangs, and wispy bangs. Though she’s daringly done a few looks without bangs, it’s safe to assume fringe is a favorite of hers.

This looks is such a ‘70s flower-power throwback. You can easily imagine Gomez handing out flowers at Woodstock; she’d fit right in. And, with other ‘70s styles like the shag and curtain bangs being popular among other stars like Kendall Jenner, with Gomez’s approval, waist-length hair and wispy bangs may be about to get another life. However, sadly, this look probably isn’t going to last forever. Just in 2022, Gomez has changed up her hair at least three times, oscillating between a bob with bangs, one without, and has broken out some long hair, too. Maybe she is a witch.