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Romeo Beckham wears a pastel pink shirt ahead of dyeing his hair pastel pink.

I Bet I Can Guess What David Beckham Thinks About Romeo Beckham's Pastel Pink Hair

We already know what the athlete thought about Cruz’s Barbiecore pink hair.

Barbiecore has a new victim in sight, and it’s probably not who you’d guess. Romeo Beckham dyed his hair pastel pink, and it definitely suits him. Between him, Zayn Malik, Ethan Mock, and even Romeo’s own brother Cruz, there is so much male celebrity pink hair to go around, and I am loving every moment it. Rather than the other three’s penchant for hot pink, though, Romeo kept his hair color soft and light. And just when you think the soccer player couldn’t get any cuter, he revealed his latest hair transformation in the sweetest of ways.

The Beckham family members are notorious for their love for one another. They’re constantly sharing family photos, commenting on each other’s Instagram snaps, and engaging in fam time. So it’s no surprise that Romeo enlisted one of his three siblings to help show off his new ‘do — and he picked, arguably, the most adorable option. Harper, his 11-year-old sister and the baby of the Beckham family, was posed right next to Romeo in his selfie on Wednesday, Aug. 17, and the two couldn’t look happier to be side-by-side, pink hair and all. Oh, what I wouldn’t give to be on the Beckhams’ Christmas card list.

Although the selfie didn’t have the best lighting (it looks like they’re backlit and partially inside) and it was taken from an upward angle, you can’t miss Romeo’s new hair. It’s a super light, purple-y pink shade that looks almost like a pastel fuchsia. As an avid hair dyer myself, I can’t help but notice that since he went super pastel with the pink, the color probably won’t stay for very long. (In other words, you better enjoy it while you can.)

Romeo is no stranger to hair coloring, but he doesn’t dye it very often. Before the pink, the Inter Miami CF player was rocking nearly white hair — another look that he wasn’t the first Beckham to try out. In 2021, when the second-born Beckham first went blond (and Cruz went pink), dad David Beckham was quick to bring back his own blond ‘do from the ‘90s.

“Sometimes the boys need reminding who did it first,” David wrote on Instagram at the time, aside a picture of the three with their new funky hair (so you *know* he had similar thoughts when Romeo showed off his latest lewk). Parents, even the A-list ones, just can’t let you win, can they? Maybe (hopefully) this newfound family-hair-dyeing contest means Romeo has even more hair colors in the wings.