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Rihanna with long, wavy hair from the Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3 on September 24, 2021.

Rihanna’s Red Raccoon Highlights Might Send You Back To 2006

If rawr means I love you, then rawr to Rihanna’s new hair.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although you’ve been waiting with bated breath to see what Savage x Fenty has in store for Valentine's Day, something else is afoot in the Rihanna Cinematic Universe. Or, rather, someone. Decked out in some of Savage x Fenty’s latest drop, Rihanna’s new red striped hair is all I can think about. It’s fiery, modern, and it just might remind you of a long-forgotten early ‘00s style.

The “Anti” singer took to Instagram to promote her brand’s VD launch (which you can shop now on Savage x Fenty’s website). In a photoset, she stuns in a laced-up teddy that VIP members can shop for $30 and guests for $75. She pairs her bodysuit with matching red fishnets. Last, but far from least, there’s her hair. The deep, almost wine-y, red of her stripes is nearly the exact same shade as her lingerie. Her hair reached her mid-chest and is incredibly shiny. There are some long layers in there to add more volume, and she even has the ever-so-trendy baby bangs.

However, there’s one detail I missed about this hairstyle when I first saw it: It’s so scene. If you don’t remember or repressed it, scene was a subculture from the early 2000s that came up with pop-punk and emo music. It was over the top colorful created the style of raccoon and skunk hair dye that featured stripes not very dissimilar from Rihanna’s new ‘do. However, in this iteration, she went far sleeker than the over-teased, spiked hair of the past. She also didn’t caption her post “Rawr XD,” so that’s definitely a good sign scene isn’t coming back.

Rihanna isn’t the only celebrity playing with highlights. On Jan. 7, Dua Lipa flaunted her tie-dye hair. Unlike Rihanna’s measured out, two-toned stripes, Dua Lipa put oranges and greens over her bleached hair in a psychedelic, seemingly unplanned style. It’s as though the “Levitating” singer somehow actually managed to tie-dye her hair. Although the overall effect is different, there’s no doubt 2022 is all about pushing the boundaries of what your hair dye can do for you.