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Hailey Bieber wearing Bottega Veneta Chain Cassette puffer bag.
20 Puffer Bags & Quilted Purses To Snuggle Up With

Get puffed.

Puffer bags are the latest purse style turning heads in the fashion world which, honestly, makes so much sense. Comfy clothes like lounge sets and sweatsuits have become super trendy since the 2020 lockdown, and now the cozy vibes are spreading into the world of accessories. Rather than just rocking your softest clothes, you can practically carry a pillow, courtesy of trendy puffer bags. They’re padded, quilted, and comfortable enough that you could use one as a head rest in a pinch.

Puffer bags have also been all the rage on the high fashion runways as of late. Miu Miu, Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent, and Off White all have their own versions of the purse. As different as they all may look, each features a quilted style reminiscent of a puffer coat packed up with so much stuffing, it puts Build-A-Bear workers to shame. Even though it’s a favorite style of high-end designers, don’t worry. You don’t have to break out the luxury fashion money to snag your own puffer bag. These 20 options, all under $30, are a great place to start. It really doesn’t get any cuter — or comfier — than this.

The Little Puffer Purse

The sweet pink shade of Forever 21’s Ruched Shoulder Bag is the perfect way to add a pop of color to any outfit. The padded fabric means there’s zero risk of chafing, and it’ll perfectly fit your phone, keys, and wallet. In other words, meet your best friend for a very lightweight night on the town.

A Celebrity-Approved Puffer Bag

Throw any doubts you have about how stylish puffer bags right out the window because Selena Gomez’s makeup brand, Rare Beauty, dropped a puffer *makeup* bag. “This bag is one of my favorites,” one reviewer commented. “It feels so soft on the inside and the outside, plus the contrasting pinks [are] a nice touch.”

The “Everything You Need” Puffer Bag

When you need to take even more on the go, SHEIN’s Stitch Detail Bag has your back. It’s big enough to fit your laptop, a water bottle, book, and lunch for a full day. And, since it has a padded quality, your shoulder won’t ache from carrying all that weight.

The Timeless Puffer Bag

Emery Rose’s Quilted Tote Bag is the basic quilted bag everyone needs. Its neutral color brings a sharp, streamlined edge to anything you pair it with, and it has a timeless silhouette that you’ll love for years and years to come.

The Summer Puffer Bag

If you have summer on your mind, No Boundaries’ Puffy Handbag is a must. Not only is tie-dye is funky and bright, but it’s made from 100% nylon, which means it’s waterproof and incredibly easy to keep clean. Boat, beach, and pool trips are no match for this puffer purse.

The Puffer Bag To Fit It All

You could probably fit an entire Thanksgiving meal in PrettyLittleThing’s Padded Tote Bag. Its quilted style gives it a bubble wrap look that you’ll find satisfying to touch, while also adding a layer of graphic texture that levels up on the quilting you know and love.

A Hand-Held Puffer Bag

Ardene’s Padded Nylon Tote can be styled in a slew of different ways. You can rock it as a crossbody when you want your hands free, or carry it by the handles to make it more of a statement piece.

A Clean, Eco-Friendly Puffer Bag

Sustainable, eco-friendly purses aren’t the easiest to find, but H&M’s Padded Shopper is almost as clean as it gets. Both this bag liner and shell are made out of 100% recycled materials, so you can feel like a sustainable boss every time you use it.

The Statement Puffer Bag

The bold red of BDSX’s Puffer Tote is vibrant enough to stop traffic, which is basically what what every aspiring street fashion lover needs. It also has interior pockets and a magnetic closure too, so you don’t have to worry about your stuff getting lost in the shuffle of life.

The Pillowiest Of Puffer Bags

It’ll be a struggle not to move Ali Express’ Cotton Down Padded Handbag into your bed to cuddle with every night. If it does actually make it out of your house, you’ll be happy to know it promises to be super lightweight, so there’s no fear of this bag digging into your shoulder or causing any aches as you go about your business.

The Flowery Puffer Bag

There’s only one thing better than a floral print purse, and that’s actually toting around a flower. Unlike a hard plastic bag that holds the petals’ shape, Unicun’s Puffy Daisy Handbags won’t run the risk of cutting your hand each time you grab your wallet.

The Y2K Puffer Backpack

Are you all about your butterfly hair clips? Do you need several large bins to store your Tamagotchis, soda-flavored lip glosses, Discman, and CD collection? Even if you’re not that into the ‘90s and early ‘00s, you can tap into the Y2K aesthetic with GBLQ’s Iridescent Book Bag.

A Travel Puffer Duffle Bag

Be it by land, air, or sea, the best way to keep all your things protected when traveling is with a padded duffle bag like Hunterbee’s Travel Handbag. It’s small enough that you don’t have to put it in overhead storage, but big enough that you could probably sneak in at least one or two more outfits than you *technically* need.

Going Out Puffer Bag

Puffer bags don’t have to be massive or make a bold statement. You can make a far more subtle fashion choice with a puffer as well. Rue21’s Quilted Wallet Bag is a classic going-out bag. It’s tiny, black, and has a nice long strap for easy, comfy wear.

A Touch Of Gold Puffer Bag

I love the two gold chains that come with Nasty Gal’s Padded Shoulder Bag, which makes it easy to rock your purse over your shoulder or crossbody as you see fit. Bonus: The spare chain could easily be used as a necklace or a belt when your ‘fit needs some more gold.

A Puffer Bag As Pillowy As A Waffle

It may not be on purpose, but Zaful’s Round Crossbody Bag looks just like a waffle, and I’m obsessed with how cute it is. There’s no doubt your breakfast fashion will rake in the compliments — even if it does make you a little hungry.

The Baguette Puffer Bag

Knock two trends out of the park with ASOS’s Shoulder Bag. Although it’s slouchier than your standard baguette bag, the silhouette is undeniably the same ‘90s, nostalgic look that’s been coming back in full force. This shoulder-hugging purse is a throwback Carrie Bradshaw favorite. Fire up some Sex and the City and add this bad boy to your cart.

A Bold Of Color Puffer Bag

I’ve lost more things than I can count from bags that don’t close all the way, which is why having a fold-over clasp — like Steve Madden’s Shoulder Bag does — is a lifesaver. Run all your errands with peace of mind knowing there’s not even the slightest chance of your credit cards, wallet, or loose change falling out.

The Puffer Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are a godsend. They’re hands-free, impossible to lose, and now, with Topshop’s Belt Bag, are more comfortable to wear than ever. There’s almost nothing that can go wrong when you’re on team puffer fanny pack.

The Puffer Lunch Box

A little insulation goes a long way. Tap into the retro school aesthetic with Zipit’s Puffer Lunch Bag while keeping all of your snacks and sips perfectly cool all day.