Here's Are All The Details About Selena Gomez's Long-Awaited Rare Beauty Line

Barcroft Media/Barcroft Media/Getty Images

Back in August 2019, rumors swirled that Selena Gomez would be launching a beauty line, after it was learned her team filed a trademark for her name in connection with several different types of beauty products. Gomez kept mum about the venture, but on Tuesday, Feb. 4, the rumors were confirmed when "Rare Beauty by Selena Gomez" finally hit Instagram. (You could say she's a... bad liar. I'm sorry.) Unfortunately, fans will have to keep their grabby hands to themselves, because the line isn't available just yet. But it's coming sooner than you think — and it's hitting a major retailer to start.

With a creamy light pink and burgundy color palette, Rare Beauty, hitting the market in summer 2020, took Instagram by storm just hours after the launch, now having racked up 1.1 million followers one full day after. I've had Instagram for almost 10 years, and I'm still tryna hit 50 likes, you guys. Once it launches, Rare will exclusively be available at Sephora, as well as at all Sephora inside JCPenneys locations, which is a pretty huge deal for an emerging brand. But this is Selena Gomez, after all.

The first Instagram post from Rare was short, sweet, and simple. The photo featured the words "You are" followed by a blank space with "Rare" written in it. "Our mission is to shape conversations around beauty, self-acceptance, and mental health," the brand captioned the post. "We want to help people get more access to support and services, and help people feel more authentically connected to one another and less alone in the world."

The next post features behind-the-scenes clips of Gomez developing the brand, swatching lipsticks, and examining moodboards, while she narrates Rare Beauty's ethos. "Being rare is about being comfortable with yourself. I’ve stopped trying to be perfect. I just wanna be me," she said. "I think Rare Beauty can be more than a beauty brand. I want us all to stop comparing ourselves to each other and just start embracing our own uniqueness. You’re not defined by a photo, a like, or a comment. Rare beauty isn’t about how other people see you. It’s about how you see yourself."

Gomez has been incredibly open in the past about her rocky relationship with social media, the harsh effects it's had on her self-image, and the fact that she takes regular breaks from it when she needs to. Most recently, in November 2019, Gomez spoke on her friend Raquelle Stevens' vodcast, Giving Back Generation, about how social media users' comments on her weight "really messed [her] up for a bit. "I really noticed when people started attacking me for that. In reality, that’s just my truth. I fluctuate."

Now, with Rare Beauty, sharing a name with her latest album Rare, Gomez hopes to encourage fans and consumers to "[accept] who you are." Although the exact products in the line haven't been confirmed yet, Gomez plays with lipsticks and applied concealer in the promo video. According to the U.S. Patent & Trademark office, the trademark filed on Gomez's name covers a wide range of cosmetics, fragrances, bodycare, and skincare, among other beauty products, so the singer clearly has big plans for the brand.

The heart wants what it wants, and it wants everything in Rare Beauty the minute it hits Sephora come summer 2020. In the meantime, you can sign up for email notifications on to be the first to know all the coming details.