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Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas’ Matching Outfits Are Actually A Happy Accident

It’s a soul mate vibe.

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Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas are known for bringing fashion-forward ’fits to star-studded events. Together, the pair has brought main character energy to the red carpet — including the likes of the Met Gala, Cannes Film Festival, and the Billboard Music Awards — again and again, plus a little something extra. On more than one occasion, the couple have been spotted in matching outfits, a fact that the Quantico actor says is not always intentional.

In a recent interview with Elite Daily, Chopra opens up about exactly why she and her husband step out in sync so often, and it’s not simply because they have stylists on hand. Whether it’s a color or texture they’re rocking in common at an awards show, a visual theme at a movie premiere, or going fully monochromatic while out and about, this is one couple that is completely synchronized when it comes to style. “I wear my husband’s clothes all the time,” Chopra admits. “[Nick] just has really great clothes.” But raiding each other’s closets is only one explanation for their frequent fashion-mirroring.

In February 2020, Chopra and Jonas were spotted in New York in matching outfits. Both stars were wearing casual ’fits that featured a pop of orange on top. For Jonas, the shade was slightly more neon and lining the interior hood of his hoodie. For Chopra, a more muted orange was the primary color of her cozy mock-neck sweater.

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That afternoon in February wasn’t the first time the couple was spotted in coordinating casuals. Way back in 2018, only a year into their whirlwind romance, the pair was photographed in casual ’fits with a matching blue-and-white color scheme. Both Chopra and Jonas wore white shoes and tops accented with blue, and both were carrying black accessories: an over-the-shoulder messenger bag for him, a small black purse with handles for her.

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According to Chopra, these moments of fashion synchronicity are mostly accidental. “It’s happen[ed] so many times. We’ll walk out of our closets and we’re like, ‘Oh, of course. Of course, we’re wearing the same colors. Of course, we’re wearing the same style.’ It’s just really funny,” she says.

I can imagine the giggles that ensued when, on a 2019 trip to Paris, Chopra and Jonas stepped out of their respective closets and saw that they had both picked ’fits featuring a bold print in a warm tone.

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Chopra explains that while it’s natural for couples to sync up, especially when they cohabitate, these moments of accidental matching happen more frequently than even eagle-eyed fashion fans might notice. She says, “I think when you live with each other and you’re in sync, your ideas can become in sync, but there [are] so many times Nick and I will walk out and we’re wearing the same outfit. Obscure colors too, like a military green. I’ll be like, ‘How did we do that? We have separate closets.’”

One such moment occurred back in 2019 when the couple, again in NYC, stepped out in decidedly different styles, but in similar shades: He wore a crew neck, slacks, and sneakers while she donned a flowing, floral dress, featuring the same cool-toned shade of sage green.

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As for their in-sync red carpet appearances, like the jaw-dropping coordinated cream outfits they wore to the Cannes Film Festival in 2019 and their silvery 2019 Met Gala looks, Chopra chalks that up to good styling and having a partner who’s always game to let her shine.

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“If we’re doing a carpet together, then sure, our stylists will chat or we’ll have an idea, but he always prioritizes my outfit on a carpet. Whatever I’m wearing, he’ll figure it out next after I decide my outfit, so I’m good in that department,” she explains.

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There are also non-red-carpet moments when Chopra and Jonas do coordinate on purpose, as was the case with the Matrix Resurrections actor’s birthday party in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, in late July. “That was deliberate,” Chopra tells Elite Daily. “Your girl loves [a] theme.” For her 40th birthday bash, Chopra shares that the theme was “Shades of Red.” In a snap from the celebration, you’ll notice that Chopra and Jonas are front and center in shades from the red section of the color wheel, and everyone else at the party is similarly outfitted in warm tones.

While Chopra’s birthday bash saw everyone in attendance wearing shades of red, the smiling pair in the center of that Instagram post is one of the most frequently matching celebrity couples out there. I don’t really know why, but the fact that Chopra and Jonas don’t usually plan their coordinated ’fits days or weeks in advance makes the whole thing even more adorable.

It sounds like 90% of the time, they’re just victims of the same excellent taste and a serious case of being brain twins. A total soul mate vibe. During the other 10% of the time, aka movie premieres, concerts, and other miscellaneous red carpet events, Jonas — earning himself an A+ husband report card — lets Chopra take the lead, and follows suit, often in impeccable suiting.

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