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Priyanka Chopra's fall 2022 hair transformation as seen when the Actor, Producer, Philanthropist, sp...

Priyanka Chopra’s Hair Transformation Is Not Your Average Fall Refresh

She said, “Dark hair for autumn, who?”

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Fall is *the* season for celebrity hair changes and many are already upon us. Recently, Jason Momoa shaved off his signature long hair and completed the look with a large tattoo on his scalp. Meanwhile, Khloe Kardashian gave her blonde waves a pumpkin spice upgrade. While, like Kardashian, most celebrities tend to go darker for fall, Priyanka Chopra is forgoing that expected season switch-up. Breaking away from autumnal convention, Chopra’s new balayage brings a touch of near-blonde to the actor’s long hair. It’s the caramel macchiato to Kardashian’s pumpkin spice, so get ready to add this look to your hair inspo Pinterest board.

Stepping out with husband Nick Jonas for an NYC date night on Wednesday, Sept. 22, Chopra showed off her new hair color with a straightened ‘do. Her formerly dark brown hair was rife with chunky lowlights and highlights which gave her look a very ‘90s style. The look was a master class in balayage, the technique used to achieve an ombré effect, with lighter tones concentrated towards the ends of the hair. While the actor and activist mostly maintained her natural, deep brunette shade at the crown of her head, she had a few lighter, face-framing, Egirl strands to bring the warmth of the new color up around her face. The overall vibe might put you in mind of a coffee with oat milk before they’re all mixed together — an absolutely delicious combination.

Chopra generally, doesn’t go brighter than bronde, but she has been willing to play with blonde notes in the past. In fact, back in 2019, Chopra debuted a similar look with the same kind of caramel-colored ombré she’s playing with now. Overall, she’s definitely more of a partial dye job girlie than going all out with the bleach, but she’s not afraid to try new things. Although she never strays too far from her natural hair color, the former Miss World has even gone through a red-headed phase once or twice.

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Throughout 2022, she’s mostly rocked Egirl highlights, a look she first debuted in March 2022. Since then, Chopra’s kept a few strands close to her face lighter than the rest to get that very warm, ‘90s look. Other than that, her hair’s almost always styled dark, oscillating between chocolate brown highlights and a rich, even-toned brunette. Gotta appreciate a woman that knows what she likes for her hair.

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

My favorite part of this hair transformation is how effortless it looks. Not only does it look amazing on straight and curly hair, but, because the dye job is focused at the bottom, it actually requires less effort than other highlights would. If you go for a caramel balayage like Chopra’s, you have plenty of time to let your hair grow out before making your next salon date. It’s almost like Chopra discovered the ideal hair for a glamorous yet causal girl fall — glam-usal girl fall, if you will.