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Here's The Color You Should Dye Your Hair This Winter, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Let’s consult the stars for this one.

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There’s nothing like a new season to make you want to do a total aesthetic change. But, as you bring back out your sweaters, pants, and turtlenecks, there’s something you still need for your full transformation: a fresh, new hair color for fall and winter. And, when it comes to choosing your new hair shade, you should look no further for inspiration than your zodiac sign, especially if you’re feeling a little indecisive.

When it comes to saying goodbye to your sun-kissed highlights from the summer, there are some fall and winter hair colors that are pretty much classics at this point. Think: a shadow-y balayage, deep auburn, or a yummy chocolate brown. But even if you instinctively associate cold weather with going darker, be aware that there are a plethora of fall and winter hair colors popping off this autumn and beyond that are far from the usual tonal palette.

Whether or not you turn to your horoscope for any and all advice or not, you might just be inspired by the perfect new hair color for your zodiac sign. Get ready to save these photos, so you can show your hairstylist the reference they need to give you the fall/winter hair makeover you’ve been waiting for.

Aries: Come To The Dark Side

Aries, you are willful, strong-minded, and rarely back down. You tend to act first and think second. For someone with so much inner confidence, dyeing your hair a dark, inky black will only add to that come winter. With this hair color, all you need to do is arch one eyebrow, and your haters will have to bow down.

Taurus: The Grass Is Always Greener

Although it might seem a bit cliché for an earth sign, a green hair dye job is right up Taurus’ alley. I know, I know, it may also sound drastic for a Taurus, but really, it’s a great way to break out of the rut you can easily find yourself in, while allowing you to express your trendy and eccentric side.

Gemini: There Are Two Colors To Every Hair Story

As Geminis are known for the duality of their personality, having a peek-a-boo hair look for fall and winter is the best way to let your unconventional side show. You like to keep people guessing, and nothing will shock your followers as much as having a second hair color revealed with a flick of your neck.

Cancer: The Ultimate Softie

Comfort is one of the most important things for you, Cancer, and that can extend to how you feel about your hair. So, a major change may not be what you’re looking for right now. Instead, you can slightly alter your look by going with a chocolate brown. The soft tones are ideal for the cooler weather and will match perfectly with your favorite mug-based drink.

Leo: Keep On Shining
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Since Leos are ruled by the sun, it’s not surprising that you’re probably not ready to say goodbye to summer. Keep your blonde going with a transitional balayage. The low-maintenance look gives you the sun-kissed vibes you crave, while the shadowed roots keep things looking fall-ready.

Virgo: Time To Cool Down
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You can channel your cool, soft boy energy while stepping out of your comfort zone by trying a lavender hair color. While going lighter will definitely give you the transformation you’ve been craving, it’s still as gentle as your spirit is.

Libra: Let’s Face It

Although making quickly decisions is not always a strong suit of Libras, you can handle a small change-up like face-framing highlights. Rather than a total transformation, you can just dye the front two strands of your hair to create a graphic look. With this style, there are many routes you can go down, from a more natural, lighter blonde to a highly pigmented, colorful shade.

Scorpio: You’re Seeing Red

Scorpios have a bad*ss, almost scary energy to them sometimes, and adding red notes to your hair is a great way to show that off. The striking color is not for the faint of heart, but you don’t need a lot of it to create this intimidating look.

Sagittarius: You’re Out Of This World

Big transformations don’t scare wanderlust-driven Sagittarians. They’re free-spirited, down for pretty much everything, and have a positive outlook on life. With all of that bubbly goodness, they deserve a hair color that’s as playful as they are. For this, integrating a multi-dimensional purple or blue color into your hair, or mixed like the galaxy, is a fun way to channel the other-worldly energy you bring.

Capricorn: The True Fall Queens
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As the last earth sign of the zodiac, Capricorns are very duty-driven. They can be bogged down by tasks and ambition, but rather than just let yourself be swept up in the everyday humdrum, you deserve something a little special. Like the other earth signs, you can be a creature of habit, so to break out of that mold, without pushing too far past your boundaries, the quintessential autumnal shade of auburn is just what the doctor ordered. It’s different, but it will still go with all of the fall outfits you’ve probably already planned.

Aquarius: Time To Play

Aquarians don’t play it safe when it comes to their self-expression (nor should they), and the same should be said of their hair choices. Your need for eccentricity and originality will shine through with a multi-colored, pastel hair color. Since you don’t like to hide what makes you different, splitting your dye front to back will let all the colors shine.

Pisces: Drift Into Dreamland

Often drifting in the psychic world rather than the material one, Pisces are one of the most mystic signs of the zodiac. For people who spend so much time in their dreams, a silvery hair color is ideal. It taps into your ethereal beauty and lets your magical energy shine through.

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