Egirl Highlights Are Getting An Even Cooler Makeover For 2021

Juanita Loya / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Fight me on this: There's nothing better than a fresh dye job. Once I get a new hair color, I physically can't stop staring into every store window, mirror, or any other reflective service I pass. Don't even get me started on what my camera roll looks like. Considering COVID-19 still has people sequestered in their homes for the time being, it's understandable if you're itching badly for a hair color change, no matter how small (or another hair color change, if you hopped on the quarantine hair bandwagon). If you need a little convincing, take stock of 2021's biggest hair color trends, and that should seal the deal for you.

As someone that's tried out nearly every vibrant color possible, I can confirm going all out is one of the most fun things you can do to change up your appearance. However, if a fantasy color's not your style, there are myriad trending natural colors you can try. You could also keep things even softer with a fresh head of highlights or lowlights. Trust me, you'll feel like a whole new person without, well, becoming a different person.

Below, Elite Daily tapped a few expert hair colorists to weigh in on the must-try hair color trends this year. Do your research, and get your reference photos ready — you're going to want to go to the salon ASAP after peeping these looks.

2021 Hair Color Trend: A Hint Of Pastel Pink

Rose gold isn't just for your iPhone and jewelry anymore. Luis Rodriguez, a top hair artist for Clairol, has the perfect at-home mix, so you can get this semi-permanent look by yourself, without the hassle and potential damage. He suggests mixing Wella Colorcharm Paints ($9, Sally Beauty) in light pink and raspberry to get the best pink blend, though he notes that light blonde hair will see the best results.

2021 Hair Color Trend: Chunky Highlights

The trends of the '90s are alive in 2021, and Michigan-based hairstylist Liza Armour has noticed an uptick in the chunky highlights style that ran rampant in the decade. Rather than attempting to blend natural shades together, this look will give you an alternative edge, still keep things relatively natural, and allow you to enjoy a multitude of hair colors at once.

2021 Hair Color Trend: Red Undertones

Brown-ish hair colors with red undertones are an incredibly timeless look that can totally change brunette hair. Rodriguez especially loves this treatment, as it adds a multidimensional layer to your color, making your dark hair appear even richer.

2021 Hair Color Trend: Grungy Bleach

You can also take a grungier approach to your hair. Platinum bleach with grey undertones is a favorite of Armour's. Extra Nirvana points if you let your roots grow out an inch or two.

2021 Hair Color Trend: More Color, More Fun

Egirl bangs were the subtle dye style of 2020, but in the new year, going all out with your color placement is the move. After staying at home for so many months, both stylists noted that people are particularly interested in doing more over-the-top, rainbow hair colors — after all, you're spending most of your time at home, anyway. Dyeing your bangs a different color, coloring your hair's under layer, or a half-and-half dye job are just a few ways people are stepping up their color game.