Mini Fringes, Shags, & More Of 2021's Surprisingly Fun Haircut Trends


Getting a fresh haircut in the new year is a tale (practically) as old as time. Since a year as tumultuous as 2020 is finally gone, I'm all about getting that year both out of and off of my head. Seriously, the first thing I did on Jan. 2 was take myself to my hairstylist for something new, and I'm definitely not alone in this. I can't even count how many people I've seen on my Instagram feed doing the exact same thing. If you want to be your most stylish self in the new year, you should that these 2021 haircut trends are about to be everywhere.

For me, 2020 was my year of egirl highlights. Now, for 2021, I'm all about my new curtain bangs. Naturally, you don't have to blindly take my word as gospel. While I'm an expert in many things, like Bridgerton and Twilight, I turned to actual hairstylists and experts to weigh in on what fringes, lengths, and styles are going to be all the rage over the course of the year. To be fully honest, some of these trends aren't a total departure from the easy, low-maintenance looks that reigned supreme in 2020. Still, even a small change, like long layers or some bang action, can make all the difference.

Though there's still plenty of time to post that "new year, new hair, new me" Instagram, looking at the 2021 haircut trends below will make you want to book an appointment with your hairstylist ASAP.

2021 Haircut Trend: Long Layers

Whether you let your curtain bangs grow out or just like a little extra length to your hair, long layers are trending hard. "2020 has taught us how to prolong trips to the salon," Joseph Maine Blunt, co-founder of Trademark Beauty, says. "Long layers grow out in a way that allows maximum time between seeing your stylist. These low-maintenance styles will rule 2021."

2021 Haircut Trend: The Shag

L.A.-based hairstylist Jill O'Neil previously told Elite Daily that shags are the look to try in 2021. The style involves a soft, messy fringe and even layers which require less maintenance than a choppy, full-blown mullet. This look will also come in handy when you need to stretch out your time between hair appointments.

2021 Haircut Trend: Mini Fringe

There are so many different styles of bangs out there, but the mini fringe look is steadily rising in popularity. "The design line can be blunt for a strong, geometric line or layered for soft movement," says Amy Abramite, the creative director and stylist at Maxine Salon. "The mini fringe opens the face, highlighting the brow bone, eyebrows, and eyes for a fresh clean look." Not to mention, you get to pay homage to your favorite chess player with this Queen's Gambit-approved look.

2021 Haircut Trend: Bring Out The Trimmers

"With everything happening in the world and COVID-19, everyone is having a lot of time to look in the mirror. I feel a surge of people coming who want to experiment with their hair, and feel strong, sexy, and freaky," says New York City hairstylist Cheeky Ma. She notes off-the-wall styles like mohawks, undercuts, and shaved heads are all becoming very trendy in her shop.

2021 Haircut Trend: The French Bob

Of course, you can make a big change without going so far as to shave your head if that's a little much for you. Maine also noticed an uptick in jaw-length, French bob haircuts. "Blunt styles typically grow out really well, and usually after making the chop, my clients will want to grow it back out," Maine previously told Elite Daily. "It also gives you a chance to cut off some of that overworked hair from the days of styling six days a week."