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June 2022's best new beauty product launches
June’s Must-Have Beauty Products Include Lip Stains And Tinted Moisturizers

Super new and super fresh. ✨

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Now that June is in full swing, I can finally share (most of) the month’s new beauty launches with you. I’ve been testing the latest mascara, powder, and palette launches for a couple of weeks and have put the products below through every conceivable summer beauty test. I’ve worn them in the pool at a backyard barbecue. I’ve sweated through them to and from the office, on date nights, and even at the gym because I’m dedicated to my beauty product testing and also because it’s hot AF outside and summer makeup needs to withstand a lot.

What exactly does a new summer launch have to hold up against in order to be considered one of “the best,” at least by my exacting standards?

  • Long-wear capabilities: I don’t need every single makeup product I wear during the summer months to be fully budge-proof, but I do look specifically for long-wear products. A lipstick or eyeliner gets a pass from me if it doesn’t hold up through a surprise dunk in the pool, but I’m not looking to reapply four times a day (that’s for SPF only).
  • Gentle ingredients: More than any other time of year, summer calls for extra-gentle, non-irritating ingredients. Between sun exposure, high temps, and seasonal allergies, my skin is always one irritant away from breaking out into a rash.
  • Waterproof whenever possible): I’ve worked in beauty long enough to know that it’s unrealistic to expect a full face of makeup to stay on through a thunderstorm or a cannonball contest, but I do expect it to stay put during say a light rain during a music festival or an afternoon spent lounging on a lazy river.

Ahead, you’ll find the makeup launches I’m most excited about this month. Some are available right now, some are on the way, and all of them are super fresh.

We at Elite Daily only include products that have been independently selected by our editors. We may receive a portion of sales if you purchase a product through a link in this article.


E.l.f. Cosmetics’ Viral Primer

I’ve adored e.l.f. cosmetics’ putty primer ever since I tried out a version of it — the Donut Forget Putty Primer — in the brand’s limited-edition collab with Dunkin’ back in April, but it’s been going viral for years. The C-Bright version that launches this month features the primer everybody knows and loves, plus 2% Vitamin C to even out skin tone and brighten up discoloration. It grips to makeup, smooths out skin, and generally slays literally all day. Even a full face of NYC commuter sweat can’t compete with this primer.


LANO’s Lucious Jelly Balms

I love a wet look lip gloss that isn’t sticky. Bonus points for a pop of color and added hydration. This month, Lano has reimagined its signature 101 Fruities formula in two new flavor-shades, strawberry and watermelon. You get all the benefits of a gloss with real fruit extract in a cruelty-free, vegetarian formula. It’s lip gloss, but also good for you.


JOAH’s Dewy, Longlasting Highlighter

Remember when I said I want long-lasting products? This new highlighter from JOAH, launching Tuesday, June 7, gives you crease-free luminosity for hours on end. One of my pet peeves is taking the time to apply highlighter to the high points of my face only to have it slip around throughout the day (and highlighter caked up in your fine lines in a photo is not a vibe I’m seeking out). JOAH Beauty Liquid Rays stays smooth, feels lightweight, which is lovely in the summer heat, and is cruelty-free, which is lovely because we should love all our animal friends.


Pat McGrath’s Divine Blush Duos

Launching on Friday, June 10, this new duo-toned blush is being beamed down from the Mothership just in time to make all your summer beauty dreams come true. The Divine Blush Duo is everything the resurgence of the blush trend should be: multi-dimensional sculpting magic. It’s also long-wearing, a summertime must-have in my book, and can go from sheer to high impact in a few simple swipes. As with any Pat McGrath launch, it comes in colors suitable for every skin tone because McGrath is truly the makeup mother of us all.


Kjaer Weis’s Illuminating Tinted Moisturizer

I toyed with the idea of adding this to my new June skin care products roundup, but in the end, decided the finish of this tinted moisturizer was way too luminous to be simply skin care. It’s makeup magic in a tube. If you’re looking for something full coverage, keep looking elsewhere, but this delivers a sheer glow that looks beautiful and adds a much-needed hydration boost to summer skin.


Fenty Beauty’s Juicy Lip Stain

It is a fact universally acknowledged that if Rihanna tells you something hits different, you know it actually hits different, even if she’s talking about Fenty products and, you know, has some skin in the game. Fenty Beauty’s latest “just hits different,” according to the mogul herself, who explains that “you get that sexy, wet-look shine and your lips feel super hydrated.” Poutsicle manages to deliver the holy trinity of lip product pros — hydration, shine, and color — without any of the cons like feathering, bleeding, or being sticky.


Makeup By Mario’s Blurring Skin Enhancer

I am obsessed with most of the products on this list, but I am *obsessed* with this bouncy, blurring complexion product that leaves my skin looking unbelievably radiant when in reality my skin is dry AF with a ton of uneven texture. Mario himself told editors in a private showcase to consider this magical new enhancer is a “balm with a touch of product.” It can be used to smooth, sculpt, and warm, with or without foundation, and is basically, IMHO, is the future of makeup. It’s non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your pores, and has omega-6 fatty acids in its bouncy formula, which means your skin won’t get mad at you for wearing it all day, every day this summer.


ABH’s 200% Larger Eyeshadow Palette

Eyeshadow palettes are among the most pricey makeup products you can buy, so I get really excited when brands level up and offer you more bang for your buck, especially when that brand is Anastasia Beverly Hills. The Nouveau palette, launching on Monday, June 13, features 12 mattes and metallics with 200% more super-pigmented, high-payoff shades than the original ABH palettes, which makes it perfect for full-face and body looks. Peep that pale lilac, creamy terra cotta, and metallic green shades, and tell me you’re not stoked about this palette too.


BeautyBlender’s Gel Cream Highlighting And Sculpting Duo

You’ve already seen this creamy bronzer and highlighter duo at work on the faces of celebs like Mandy Moore, Cynthia Erivo, and Katy Perry on recent red carpets. The product is innovative and it comes from beautyblender, a cult-favorite brand. Long story short: the product launches on Tuesday, June 7, and is already sporting a waitlist in the hundreds and counting. The big draw of this duo is that it’s easy to apply. The gel-cream is velvety and smooth so you look lit from within, not like you’re wearing a ton of product. It also comes with hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C so you’re feeding your skin nutrients while rocking a multi-dimensional glow.

Make sure to come back throughout the month for more exciting new product drops.