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Euphoria actors Hunter Schafer and Zendaya
Keep Your Makeup Bag Euphoria-Inspired With These Neon Beauty Products

Forget #TeamMaddy and #TeamCassie, I'm Team Glitter Eyeliner.

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If you’re anything like me, then Euphoria Season 2 probably left you with a lot of unanswered questions, plus a sudden, unquenchable thirst for neon makeup. Though the second season of the Zendaya-led series didn’t quite live up to the level of beauty inspo as the first season, that just made the beauty moments we did get really pop. Every throwback moment in Lexi’s play, every rhinestone applied to a lower lash line, and every liner winged out past a brow bone brought a little surge of joy to my makeup-obsessed heart. So I’ve been on the hunt for neon makeup so that I can live out my own Euphoria-inspired beauty moments. And lucky for you, I’m willing to share my finds with the class.

Now that Euphoria Season 2 is over and we’ve got at least a year to go, I’m planning to fill the Maddy-shaped whole in my heart with a lot of bright neon makeup looks and these are the products that will get me there. Whether you’re looking back wistfully at Jules’ iconic neon rave makeup from Season 1 or are aiming to recreate your very own Cassie-losing-it-in-the-bathroom-mirror moment, you’re going to need a little more than your average eyeliner to make it happen.

Below, you’ll find a carefully curated list of must-have items that deliver bright pops of color in felt tips, pots, and palettes so you can transform your makeup into the ultimate fever dream fantasy. When you need a hero, these neon makeup products have you covered.

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A Neon Makeup Palette Maddy Would Love

These mini palettes from Gavissi Beauty pack a punch. The vibrant liners go on smooth — using a super fine-tipped brush is highly recommended — and wash off easily, but don’t budge throughout the day. I’m a huge fan of Gavissi Beauty’s retro liner pots ($8 each), which feature the same formula, but these tri-color palettes give you more neon bang for your buck and come in enough shades for you to make some serious technicolor magic.

Euphoria-Inspired Neon Makeup Stickers

If you’re hopeless at freehand eyeliner application, it can be nice to get some help. With these stickers from SimiHaze, you don’t have to worry about getting your wing-tip angles symmetrical. They come right out of the box perfectly aligned.

Neon Eyeliner Stickers Jules Would Love

Another easy application option comes courtesy of vegan, cruelty-free PaintLab Beauty and these beauties are — get this — reusable. The set comes in four vibrant shades and offers all day staying power in a classic cat eye shape.

Neon Blue Gel Liner That’s So Cassie Season 2

If cream liners are more your speed, you’re in luck. NYX’s Vivid Brights offer a ton of high pigment payoff in an easy-to-use formula. Blur it out with your fingertips for an all-over pop of color or go in hard with an angled liner brush for more graphic lines, dots, and designs.

A Maddy-Worthy Neon Eyeshadow Palette

This palette is not here to play. It promises major color in super bright neon shades and delivers. While the individual shadows do lean more toward metallic neon as opposed to matte neon, the vibrancy is what counts, and each and every palette offers a major pop of color.

A Felt-Tip Neon Eyeliner Jules Would Love

These felt-tipped liners offer serious staying power and major luminescence. They’re also incredibly easy to work with and are a good choice if you want a ton of color, but you’re not super-comfortable working with brushes just yet.

Get Graphic with This Neon Gel Liner

If you never broke up with eyeliner pencils, consider this your gateway into the neon makeup trend. Urban Decay has been nailing light bright looks since forever and the brands waterproof eyeliner pencils have been delivering smudge-proof intensity for literally longer than I’ve been wearing eyeliner. They know what they’re doing and, as a bonus, these eyeliner pencils last a long time.

Steal Jules’ Neon Thunder With This Eyeliner Palette

Suva Beauty’s tagline is, “We make rainbows jealous,” and honestly, it’s pretty spot on. It was hard to pick just one product to feature from this brand because it’s got neon makeup down to a science, but I’d have to say my favorite would be the UV Taffies: a quartet of water-activated shadows that deliver stunning neon colors.

This Neon Pigment Is Pure *Euphoria*

One of Instagram’s most-beloved small business beauty brands, Unicorn Cosmetics never fails to shock and awe me with the brightness and depth of the colors they drop. Case in point, these powders that not only deliver a rush of pure neon delight, but also have some depth, glimmer, and serious shine to them. P.S. Keep an eye out for UC’s voltage pigments, which sell out fast, but are so worth the wait.

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