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Actress Jan Caruana weighs in on how long it actually took her 'Mean Girls' character, Emma Gerber, ...

The Myth Behind Emma Gerber's Spring Fling Hairdo In Mean Girls, Debunked

Cady Heron guessed it "must have taken hours," but she was wrong.

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Y2k throwbacks are a big thing right now. You can find them everywhere, from red carpets to street style. What can we say? The nostalgia is so real, especially when it comes to ‘00s movies like Mean Girls. Earlier this month, Lindsay Lohan threw it back to the 2004 film that helped propel her to superstardom, saying she actually wanted to play antagonist Regina George instead of leading lady Cady Heron. Now, weeks later, we’re throwing it back to the Spring Fling scene, in which Lohan’s character calls out how long it probably took for Emma Gerber’s hairdo to come together. And, oh, was she wrong.

During Cady’s Spring Fling Queen acceptance speech, she acknowledged her classmates who were equally deserving of the title. “I think everybody looks like royalty tonight,” she began. “Look at Jessica Lopez; that dress is amazing.” Then she turned to Emma Gerber, saying, “I mean, that hairdo must have taken hours and you look really pretty.”

But, after TV personality Korey Kuhl posted a tweet — which has since gone viral — about his disbelief that the hairstyle took *hours* on Friday, April 22, we now know the truth. The following day, actress Jan Caruana, who portrayed Emma in the film, cleared up the confusion. “At first it took about 25 minutes,” she tweeted on Saturday, April 23. “Then I got sent to set and the director said ‘that doesn't look like it took hours.’” Wait, it initially looked even more simple?!

She continued, “So I was sent back to hair and they stuck some flowers in it and I got sent back again.”

How much time did it take for Emma Gerber’s Spring Fling hair in Mean Girls?

According to Caruana, “So in total... Maybe one hour.”

Mystery solved.

Watch the full Mean Girls Spring Fling scene here: