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Latinx-owned beauty brands include Treslúce Beauty

Latinx-Owned Beauty Brands Are Creating Absolutely Fire Makeup, Skin, And Hair Products


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Latinx Heritage Month kicked off on Sept. 15, and one straightforward way to celebrate it is to show your support for Latinx-owned beauty brands. Placing your spending power with these brands uplifts Latinx creatives, as well as small business owners, and infuses greater prosperity within these communities. Considering a wealth of talented creators are producing some incredible makeup, skin, and hair products out there, adding Latinx-owned beauty brands into your rotation allows you to support the Latinx community all year long and beyond.

With fall on its way, not only are the leaves changing colors, but your autumn makeup is likely going to take on a smokier, more berry-focused palette. Not to mention, the colder weather, drier air, and heavier winds all mean your skin is going to need some extra attention. Therefore, there’s no time like the present to get your moisturizing fall skincare products. As you clear away space on your makeup counter for your next haul, consider shopping some of the Latinx-owned beauty brands below. While Latinx Heritage Month only runs until Oct. 15, your support for these brands and more should carry over far beyond that. We'll continue updating this list with even more brands creating fire products.

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Cholas x Chulas

Operating between Mexico City and Los Angeles and working to bridge the gap between South American and US Latinx communities, Cholas x Chulas makeup that would have Euphoria teens gagging. From star-shaped studs to cotton candy pearls, Cholas x Chulas delivers all the adornments you need to stand out in a crowd.

Araceli Beauty

In honor of founder Araceli Ledesma’s heritage, Araceli Beauty uses ingredients sourced from Mexico in its cruelty-free products. Its products are infused with all-star ingredients like agave oil, not only to keep you looking fierce, but in Ledesma’s words, “[to keep] our Hispanic heritage at the core of our brand's mission.” Given that this makes gorgeously pigmented highlighter, blush, and eyeshadow palettes (in addition to other makeup goodies) that look great on a wide range of skin tones, I’d say mission accomplished.

Treslúce Beauty

Treslúce Beauty founder and Gen Z icon Becky G infused her beauty brand with love for her culture, starting with its name. In an interview with Elite Daily, the singer explained that Treslúce is a combination of the Spanish words "tres," meaning three (her favorite number), and "luce," a term used to compliment someone's appearance. Treslúce celebrates Becky G’s Mexican heritage by using Latinx-sourced ingredients in its formulations and visuals designed by Latinx artists on its packaging. Its products are vibrant, perfectly suited to Gen Z viral beauty looks, and the Treslúce Beauty Line It Up Edge Corrector is a must-have.

Necromancy Cosmetica

Lipstick lovers, prepare to be obsessed with Necromancy Cosmetica. Based out of San Juan, Puerto Rico, this brand is making shades of lipstick that you won’t find anywhere else. Even better, all its products are vegan, cruelty-free, and handcrafted. Not only do Necromancy Cosmetica lipsticks come in shocking shades, they also come in a range of finishes from matte to metallic, so get ready to place a major order, especially with Halloween on the horizon.

Artist Couture

Founded by celebrity makeup artist Angel Merino, Arist Couture is all about creating gorgeous texture and giving makeup glow-getters exactly what they need to shine. From its palettes to its topper shadows, aptly named Diamond Lights Finishers, Artist Couture’s color cosmetics are packed with shimmer, shine, and multi-faceted gleam.

Mydas Cosmetics

Mydas Cosmetics is a beauty brand for the bold and brave. Its glitter pots, gold foils, and colorful eyeshadow palettes are all designed to create main character makeup moments at absurdly affordable prices.


Founded by Giselle Hernandez, Glamlite has a range of playful, food-inspired lines that run the gamet of makeup products. I feel hungry just looking at its Frosted Flakes collection, its Hershey’s Kisses collection, and its Icee-themed Cherry and Blue Raspberry palettes (#TeamCherry). The brand has also teamed up with TikTok’s favorite MUA Mikayla Nogueira for a high-impact collab collection. If you want to get playful with your makeup, Glamlite should be on your go-to list.


To create your dream "old Hollywood" look, search no further than Bésame's vintage-inspired makeup. The brand runs tons of adorably themed collections, and it also packages its products in reusable tins for an entirely less-waste process.


Pinkness is a clean beauty brand that makes easy-to-use products giving you the dewiest skin possible. It's pretty much selling glow in bottles — with impossibly cute packaging, to boot. For 2020, Pinkness has a few new products up its sleeve you won't be able to resist.

Belle En Argent

For all your lip color needs, go to Belle En Argent for gorgeous coverage, super-pigmented colors, and a luxury-looking finish. All of its products are also sulfate-free and vegan.

Reina Rebelde

"I created this collection of products with built-in versatility to give life to our many dualities," Reina Rebelde founder Regina Merson says on its website. From bold lipsticks to contouring kits to vibrant eyeshadow palettes, you can infuse your whole makeup routine with color that allows you to feel daring, stunning, and most importantly, confident.

Botánika Beauty

With a focus on natural and herbal ingredients, Botánika Beauty has has a full lineup of products ready for any and all your hair needs, whether you're looking to stimulate growth, define your curls, or mend any split ends.

Melt Cosmetics

Creators Lora Arellano and Dana Bomar began Melt Cosmetics when they noticed a lack of bold shades on the market, so they remedied that themselves. Now, all of Melt Cosmetics' makeup is known for packing the most vibrant punch.

Honey Baby Naturals

You can shop skin and haircare with Honey Baby Naturals. With a focus on the almost-magic healing power honey has on skin and hair, this brand offers a selection of extremely nourishing and hydrating products that'll quickly become your new favorites.

Luna Beauty

First launched in March 2019, Luna Beauty is an up-and-coming indie beauty brand. For its first line, Luna dropped an eyeshadow palette, two lippies, and three eyelash sets, which have been shouted out by none other than Cardi B's makeup artist, Erika La Pearl.

Alamar Cosmetics

Alamar Cosmetics' lip glosses have gained a cult-level following for their high-shine finish yet soft, easily wearable color. Aside from lust-worthy lip products, you can also shop contour kits and eyeshadow palettes from this brand.

Vive Cosmetics

Founders Joanna Rosario and Leslie Valdiva created Vive Cosmetics as a response to the lack of Latinx representation in the beauty industry. "We didn't see models that look like us or sounded like us, and we continue to see important people in the industry reject us and our different skin tones and offer no apology or remorse," they wrote on the brand's website. "Vive Cosmetics was created as a way of recognizing our importance and not accepting that narrative of who we are and how we look like."

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