Becky G's favorite beauty products includes one from Treslúce Beauty.

Becky G Swears By Using This Hair Care Brand’s $25 Oil All Over Her Body

The Treslúce Beauty founder tries new products all the time, but there are three she can't live without.

Treslúce Beauty/Elite Daily

In Elite Daily’s One Nightstand, your favorite celebs and influencers spill allllllll the details about their Holy Grail beauty products — the select few they always have within arm’s reach on their nightstand. In this installment, musician, beauty brand founder, and influencer Becky G reveals her top three picks, including the all-over oil she puts, well, all over herself.

Before Becky G ever topped the music charts or starred in a major beauty campaign, she found herself experimenting with makeup. “My first professional beauty collaboration was being a Covergirl at 15,” she tells me over Zoom recently. But as the Treslúce Beauty founder explains, her love of beauty started way before her teen years.

The award-winning musician, born Rebbeca Marie Gomez, recalls her earliest memory with makeup at about 3 years old. “[I was] doing my brothers’, my sister's, and my mom's makeup for fun,” she says. It didn’t take long for Becky G’s extended family to catch wind of her skills. “When I was about 13 years old, I started to charge my cousins $20 [to do their makeup] before they would go out to the club.”

The “Mamiii” singer’s been involved with beauty one way or another for her entire life, and the connection is way more than skin deep. “I live it and I breathe it in the sense that I see beauty in so many things. When I think beauty, I don't just think makeup. I think self-care,” she explains. “There's so much beauty in self-care,” which, for Gomez, includes therapy. “I've never felt so confident in my own skin until I was learning the proper tools to cope with the cloud that would visit me sometimes. And that's something that's so priceless.” This meaningful and life-long connection to beauty is precisely what set her down the path to launching her own beauty brand.

Becky’s meteoric rise in the music world starting in 2013 included doing her own makeup on tour. And aside from her freelance familial MUA gig, she has worked with brands like Covergirl and Colourpop. But the launch of her own brand, Treslúce Beauty — a combination of the Spanish words "tres," meaning three (her favorite number), and "luce," which is a term used to compliment someone's appearance — was a first for the Mexican American multihyphenate: It was an opportunity to create makeup as inclusive and diverse as her own Latinx heritage.

“What inspired me to launch Treslúce?” she muses. “I mean, just my love for makeup, my love for the beauty space, the beauty world. Specifically when it comes to minority communities and my experience of being Latina growing up, the representation for Latinas was always kind of missing the mark for me. Not all Latinas look the same. We don't all come in the same shapes, the same colors.”

Outside of music, beauty is Becky’s favorite form of self-expression, because of how personal it is. “I have always been really passionate about representation,” she says. “I think that was the part that really called out to me in wanting to create my own beauty brand was being an example to other minority women. We shouldn't just be the face of something to help a bigger brand just check a box for the sake of diversity. We can also have ownership.”

To celebrate Treslúce Beauty hitting shelves in your local Ulta on March 7, Becky G chats with me about all things beauty and the products that give her the glow that has over 30 million fans obsessed on Instagram. Below, you’ll find the three products she considers her ride-or-dies and keeps within reach on her nightstand.

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

1. Green Energy Clarifying Toner ($46, Sonya Dakar)

Elite Daily: Sonya Dakar makes the best exfoliating mask I’ve ever worn. Why’s this toner one of your top three?

Becky G: I’m really big on skin care. The canvas that we paint on is just as important as the products that we're using to do a full beat. I always buy the little mini travel one ($45 for the Mini Toner Trio) because I can literally throw it in my purse at any given point and go wherever on a plane and I can have it accessible. That's one that would definitely be on my nightstand, whether it be at home or in a hotel room.

ED: When did you first use it?

BG: The first time I ever used it was maybe a year ago. And I'm really big on trying new products and stuff, but when I find something that really works, I love it and I use it all the time. I would say this toner is a must-have for me.

2. Always Suave Lip Scrub ($14, Treslúce)

ED: Why this scrub in particular?

BG: It’s really good for prep, but also removal. I’m the test dummy for all of our products. There's even been products that I'm like, ‘This isn’t ready. Not this formula, this scent, this packaging,’ but this lip scrub, since Day 1, has just worked wonders. And I love luscious lips, which why we called it the Always Suave; it’s always smooth. It's not messy, which I appreciate, because it's in a lipstick tube.

ED: Lip scrubs can get everywhere.

BG: Some are really abrasive and can make your lips bleed and you have some that almost feel like they're not really doing anything, but this one hits that perfect middle point where it does exactly what you need it to do without making that big mess. It’s on my nightstand, for sure, especially after a day of wearing a bunch of liner and lip gloss and things like that.

3. Nourish Oil for Hair, Scalp & Body ($25, Rizos Curls)

ED: I love a multi-use product.

BG: A good body oil is nice. I love moisturizing my skin overall, and although Rizos Curls is a hair care brand, this is an oil you can use on all of the body because it's a clean oil; it's all natural.

ED: And how long have you been using this one?

BG: It's one of the newer launches from the Rizos Curls collaboration that they did with Thalia. It’s one that I maybe discovered, I want to say, about a month ago. I use it literally all over my body, including my hair, and I've used it to remove makeup. It's so hydrating.

Treslúce Beauty is now available at Ulta.com.