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7 Last-Minute Baby Yoda Costumes That’ll Arrive In Time For Halloween

The force will be strong with you on the spookiest day of the year.

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If you wanted to be the cutest creature in the universe this Halloween, you’ll have to go as Grogu, better known by practically everyone as baby Yoda. The tiny being from The Mandalorian stole hearts when the show first launched in 2019, and his popularity has only increased since then. So if you’re looking for a costume for this Oct. 31, you may want to break out the green paint. Once you’ve got that squared away, the only other thing you’ll need is your own Pedro Pascal to carry you around all night.

Grogu’s outfit isn’t actually that hard to recreate. The infant (who’s canonically 50 years old) wears a simple tan robe, which is ideal if you’re looking to have an ultra cozy Halloween — there’s no shivering all night when you’re dressed up as Baby Yoda. However, given that his outfit is on the more basic side, you’ll need to sell your Star Wars-inspired costume in other ways, like with some makeup skills. You can go all out by following Jody Steel’s tutorial and using face paint to reduce the size of your head on both the upper and lower parts of your face to look just like the Child’s. For those who are more inclined to take the leisurely path and not risk staining their face for a day or two following Halloween, you can just dust green eyeshadow over your eyelids, the contours of your face, and ears in a kind of “you get the idea” way and call it a day. The Baby Yoda effect will be obvious.

Whether you’re looking to buy a full, canon-complement costume, Baby Yoda-inspired loungewear pieces, or to piece together items for your own closet, a Grogu costume is the last-minute costume for Halloween you need to keep in your pocket.

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Cossky’s Baby Yoda Uniform ($42, Cossky) is a great remake of Grogu’s go-to outfit or, rather, the Child’s only outfit. The best part, however, is that by choosing the Fast Shipping option, you’ll have this robe in three to five days.

You’re still going to want to wear the Onesie’s Baby Yoda Costume ($33, Onesie) long after the holiday’s passed. Given how wrapped up you’re going to be in fleecy material, maybe wear a pair of bike shorts and a tank top underneath incase your Halloween festivities leave you feeling a little bit too warm.

For minimal amounts of DIYing, grab Hanna Andersson’s Grogu Cap ($15, Hanna Andersson). This hat takes away the fuss of painting your face. You can also just pair it with a brown top and pants and call it a costume.

Another onesie option to make your Baby Yoda dreams come true is the Mandalorian Hooded Costume Pajamas ($40, Kohl’s). It has a tighter fit, but the fabric is made of fleece and sherpa, so you won’t lose out on any amount of comfort.

If Halloween isn’t really your thing and you just want something you can toss on, try Seven Times Six’s Baby Yoda Zip Hoodie ($60, Walmart). It hits all the marks of being a costume without actually requiring you to put in any work. As a Mandalorian fan, you’ll definitely find another reason to break this piece out of your closet again.

What if you want the cozy feel of the onesie while still wearing a robe like Grogu does? That’s where Bioworld Store’s Baby Yoda Plush Robe ($60, Amazon) comes in. You’ll be snug as a bug in a rug in this one.

SpiritCos Baby Yoda Robe and Hat ($47, SpiritCos) has everything you need to channel the infant Jedi prodigy. This robe is loose and even has a bit of a train to make you feel extra special.

May the Force (and Pedro Pascal) be with you this Halloween season.