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Kourtney K's Courthouse Wedding Dress Is So Different From Her Vegas Look

She actually wore white, y’all!

Congratulations to Kravis — for real this time. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker got officially married, and Kardashian’s courthouse wedding dress is a sight to behold. After seeing the pics from their secret (but not legal) Las Vegas nuptials after the 2022 Grammys in April, it’s clear that the pair wanted something a bit more traditional this time, in both ceremony and attire.

Barker’s daughter, Alabama, tipped the world off to the happy couple’s second round of nuptials on Sunday, May 15 via an Instagram Live, which featured the beaming newlyweds smiling — or, in Barker’s case, smizing — in what followers were quick to point out looked like wedding attire. The look on Kardashian’s face as she posed in her mini wedding gown is seriously infectious. Look at that photo and try not to smile too. I dare you.

According to Hello! magazine, the length of this wedding gown — which was all white as opposed to the previous event’s all-black attire — doesn’t mean it isn’t repping the usual levels of Kardashian opulence. The site reports that the roughly $1,825 “bridal mini-dress” Kardashian wore was designed by Dolce & Gabbana and featured custom detailing on the bodice. The 43-year-old mom-of-three paired the super-short gown with opera-length fingerless gloves in a sheer, gauzy fabric and a mid-length veil.

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While the look would still definitely be considered edgy by contemporary bridal standards, it’s nothing compared to the goth-rock look Kardashian wore in Vegas for her “practice” wedding to Barker. That look was all leather while Kardashian’s courthouse wedding style was significantly more standard bridal. That said, on the steps of the courthouse, the bride’s gloves were fingerless, her veil was short, and the vibes were very much “I fell in love with a girl at the rock show.”

One common theme throughout the two looks was the beading and embroidered embellishment on the top of both Kardashian’s Vegas corset and her courthouse wedding dress. While she sported a giant, sparkling cross as part of her Vegas look and her Dolce & Gabbana wedding gown featured a much smaller heart at its center, both looks are vaguely inspired by tattoo culture and add a bit of edge to her look.

If you were hoping for a bigger bridal moment, don’t fret. This won’t be the last wedding dress we see this Kardashian sister wearing. A source told People that Kardashian and Barker whipped up this courthouse wedding as a necessity. They’re also planning a huge wedding in Italy “very soon,” but needed to get legally married first. I like to think that Kardashian is ramping up the bridal vibes in little increments on purpose. By the official-official big wedding day, she’ll be in a giant ballgown covered in floral lace with a huge cross embroidered on the bodice. Just you wait and see.