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JoJo Siwa at the 33rd Annual GLAAD Media Awards ahead of her 19th birthday celebration.

I Loved Every Part Of JoJo Siwa's 19th Birthday Look, But Her Hair Was The Best

Her ‘do featured a TikTok fave.

Now would be a great time to play Harry Styles’ “Golden,” because 1. it’s the release day for Grammy winner’s latest album, Harry’s House, and 2. JoJo Siwa just celebrated her *golden* birthday. The Dancing With The Stars alum turned 19 on Thursday, May 19, and celebrated in major style, wearing the cutest outfit and accessories during an appearance on The Tonight Show. The best part of Siwa’s 19th birthday look, though: her hair.

The dancer rocked a graphic jacket and pants combo, which was slightly shiny and super sharp. The contrasting black and white stripes made for a great optical illusion I couldn’t look away from. (Don’t worry, as eye-catching as they were, I didn’t have any dizzying side effects.) The top had a motorcycle jacket silhouette with an open back and a super cute bow tying it together. To finish her look off, she wore some flared pants that were perfectly tailored for her body. All together, Siwa served major Beetlejuice vibes, but made it fashion.

For me, the focal point of the Nickelodeon star’s birthday ‘fit had to be her ‘do. Siwa styled her short hair up in two, fanning pigtails high on her head. Since the blond is famous for her hair accessories, you know she didn’t leave her ‘do in a simple pair of pigtails. Instead, she added a bunch of TikTok’s favorite hair trend into the mix: hair tinsel. The gold sparkling strands made a crown-like effect, which is what every birthday person needs.

For her makeup, Siwa kept it pretty natural, which is her go-to. Her cheeks had her signature rosy blush, her eyebrows brushed up, and a very subtle use of eyeshadow to her lids more depth. The overall effect was a flushed, bronzy appearance that I will 100% be copying ASAP.

She also got to talk a bit about her upcoming stint on So You Think You Can Dance. After competing on so many shows, she’s finally getting to judge, and she revealed to host Jimmy Fallon exactly what to expect from her. “I am the honest judge,” Siwa said. “So, if something is great, I can’t hold back. I will tell you. If something is not, I will also not hold back and I will tell you. So, it can be a problem sometimes.”

I know, it’s hard to believe Siwa can be anything but positive, but you can see it for yourself on May 25 for her second episode. Until then, let us all take in her striped ‘fit, sparkly ‘do, and wish her a very happy 19th birthday.