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Hunter Schafer's Quote About Making This Beauty “Mistake” Should Inspire You

Even celebrities have beauty fails.

Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc/Getty Images

We’ve all made mistakes when it comes to beauty risks. I once accidentally shaved off the entire front half of one of my eyebrows and had one of the worst beauty months known to man. But if you never swing for the fences, you miss all the home runs. At least, that’s how Hunter Schafer views her past beauty “mistakes.” In a Zoom interview with Glamour UK, the Euphoria actor opened up about her love of makeup: the good, the glitzy, and the less-than-lovely.

Schafer made a name for herself in the fashion world years before she took on the role of Jules. She’s walked in Mugler runway shows, done ad campaigns for Prada, and modeled for Calvin Klein. All that is to say, Schafer’s a tried-and-true fashion darling. But even with her impressive resumé, she’s had a few beauty moments that weren’t up to her standards, as hard as that is to believe.

“I went through a period where I had my brows bleached, and perhaps I looked like Rufus the rat from Kim Possible,” Schafer told Glamour UK. “I guess I looked kind of crazy. Maybe it didn't work for my face?” The no-eyebrows look has recently become a massive trend on TikTok, but, unsurprisingly, Schafer was ahead of the curve and tried it back in 2019. Even though Schafer may be feeling a lack of love for her bleached eyebrows, the star still thinks you should try them. Yes, really.

Although she compared her bleached eyebrows to a naked mole-rat, Schafer didn’t regret trying out the look at all. “At the same time, I still love a bleach brow, and if it didn't feel like a mistake on the day, then was it really?” she asked. “I don’t regret any beauty ‘mistakes,’ they felt great at the time.” What makes this ethos so appealing is the kindness it gives to past versions of you and the willingness and opportunity it allows in test-driving future unique trends. If you want to shave your head but are afraid of how it’ll look, just focus on how happy and excited you’ll be exploring a new look.

Plus, Schafer likes to focus her makeup skills on her eyes when it comes to trying out daring beauty looks. “Creating shapes or designs around my eyes is one of my favorite things to do and makes me feel like I've done something to express myself,” she said. “Even just creating a really yummy combination of colors with different eye shadows is cool.” As you get creative and go all-out, there may be some misses in your future. Just remember that as long as you loved your look at the moment, it wasn’t a mistake.