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I Did NOT Recognize Lizzo With Bleached Eyebrows

TikTok is quaking.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Lizzo just hopped on one of Gen Z’s biggest beauty trends to date: bleached eyebrows. Since she’s a total social media queen, Lizzo debuted her newly bleached eyebrows on both her TikTok and Instagram on June 29, and watching the entire process was a roller coaster from start to finish. The singer matched her light, almost-not-there brows with a blonde pixie wig and some incredibly graphic makeup. It’s simply a *chef’s kiss* moment that proves one thing: It is Lizzo’s world, and we are all simply secondary characters.

For her Insta reveal, Lizzo shared a super up-close selfie. Her fresh brows just peek through her light blonde fringe. Three rings of dots line her eyes and fan down to the tops of her cheekbones. The rest of her look is finished with just a light dusting of highlighter, false lashes, and a glossy lip that shines even in the dark.

In the TikTok reveal of her bleached eyebrows, Lizzo showed even more by giving some behind-the-scenes action of the bleach sesh. She started by flaunting the white bleaching solution on both of her brows (her signature long dark hair making an appearance) before doing a smooth transition to show off the finished look. Fans have no one else to thank for this killer look other than Lizzo’s talented, longtime makeup artist Alexx Mayo.

Since Lizzo didn’t just bleach her eyebrows for fun, but did an entire editorial look, it’s possible that this change won’t last very long. It may be for a music video, photo shoot, or one of the other countless reasons celebrities spring for a sudden, short aesthetic change. Although, I hope that her FYP finally got to her and that these eyebrows are here to stay.

Bleached eyebrows have been on the rise for about a year, especially spreading like wildfire via the TikTok algorithm. While it’s not a new look — Madonna bleached her brows back in 1992, along with countless other public figures — it has become the latest must-try trend. Maisie Williams, Kim Kardashian, and Katy Perry are just a few celebrities to tease the look this year. Hopefully, more will follow in Lizzo’s footsteps. Who knows? You might just be next.