Harry Styles posing with a big smile wearing a blue suit.

Is Harry Styles' Beard In "Music For A Sushi Restaurant" Real?

Say hello to... Hairy Styles.

If the “As It Was” music video was stylish, and the “Late Night Talking” music video was dreamy, then the “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” music video can best be described as, umm... eccentric? Though Harry Styles blessed his fans with basically three and half minutes of shirtless moments, it is the rest of his look that has everyone talking. While a great majority of the fandom is left in a permanent state of WTF over the rockstar’s half-human, half-squid, sort of merman form in the footage, there’s also an overwhelming amount of people who can’t stop talking about Harry Styles’ beard in the “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” music video.

25 seconds into Styles’ surprise music video drop, the 28-year-old Grammy winner — who appeared clean shaven on multiple red carpets for his films Don’t Worry Darling and My Policeman in 2022, and continues to grace the stage for Love On Tour sans much facial hair — was depicted with a thick, bushy beard. (Think Tom Hanks in Castaway, but with tentacles.) Hairy— oop, Harry Styles only stays on screen until about the 1-minute mark, but it was enough to leave a lasting impression on Harries across the world, especially on Twitter.

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Some fans praised the One Direction alum’s facial hair in the on-the-nose music video, which takes place in a sushi restaurant called Gill’s Lounge.

Other stans were less impressed with the new look.

And, of course, there were those who questioned whether Harry Styles’ “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” beard is real, or downright refused that it could be and talked of him *actually* growing one.

So far, Styles has not spoken about his “Sushi Restaurant” beard, but considering he’s been on tours for his movies and music throughout the year, and has been spotted with little more than stubble, it’s safe to assume that the facial hair was the work of a makeup artist. (Elite Daily reached out to Styles’ reps about the beard, but did not hear back in time for publication.)

You can watch Harry Styles (and his beard... and tentacles) in the “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” music video, on YouTube now.