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Gigi Hadid with long, honey bronde hair attends Rihanna's Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 3.

Gigi Hadid's "Expensive Brunette" Hair Is So Rich

Coming to a salon near you.

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Another celebrity has taken the “new year, new hair” leap. In honor of 2022 (or, possibly, just for one ad campaign), Gigi Hadid went chocolate brown in a shade people are calling “Expensive Brunette.” It’s not the first time the supermodel mom has played with her hair color, but it is the first time in recent memory she’s done this shade. Last year, it was all about “bronde,” but this year, Hadid is ushering in a wave of deeper colors.

Hadid shared two photos from a Moschino campaign she starred in on her Instagram. The posts featured pastel, pattern-heavy outfits, and Hadid’s new hairstyle, which happens to be challenging everyone’s hair half-up-half-down abilities. As a homage to the front desk ladies in every elementary school during the late ‘90s, on top of her head is a tiny beehive about the size of a fist. Talk about retro.

The rest of her hair shows off how the shade of brown got the name “Expensive Brunette.” As it fans out past her shoulders, the lowlights catch the light like a kaleidoscope. There are notes of copper, chocolate, and chestnut to create a ton of depth and dimension in her hair. The multi-layers imply that anyone with this dye job or wig looks like they spent a pretty penny on it — that’s why it’s the expensive brunette shade to get.

It’s likely that Hadid’s color was only for the Moschino campaign, but she’s not the only driving force behind “Expensive Brunettes” rise to A-lister status. Selena Gomez also got the rich, multi-shade color, although her hair looks a touch darker. Like Hadid’s, you can easily make out a plethora of different colors that make it look very luxe and natural. However, Gomez opted for a shorter ‘do and got a lob that just touches her shoulders. When it comes to icons, you’d be hard-pressed to find celebrities who have more style influence than Hadid and Gomez, so “Expensive Brunette” is the hair color to get this year. Not sure about you, but I’m calling my salon for an appointment in 3, 2, 1...