Big Mood
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Your Fave Beauty TikTokers & Streamers Are A Whole Vibe At e.l.f.'s Big Mood Event

You might even call them a "big mood."

Courtesy of e.l.f. Cosmetics

Everyone’s favorite brand recently celebrated a new launch, and yes, it’s a whole mood. In June 2021, e.l.f. Cosmetics dropped its new Big Mood Mascara ($7, e.l.f. Cosmetics), teaming up with rapper Tierra Whack to create hype as big as this mascara makes your lashes appear. “Everything we do is designed to inspire confidence and creativity,” Kory Marchisotto, chief marketing officer, e.l.f. Beauty, said in a press release. “With Big Mood, we’re being disruptive in the mascara category and transforming expectations for big, bold and beautiful lashes at an incredible price point.”

According to the brand, Tierra Whack couldn’t have been a more perfect launch partner, thanks to the fact “she brings joy to everything she does,” said Patrick O’Keefe, VP, integrated marketing communications, e.l.f. Beauty. That much is evident in e.l.f.’s Big Mood campaign video, which shows the rapper turning even the most mundane tasks into a big mood with the new mascara. Both Tierra and the brand also ensured Big Mood made a big impact socially. The pair kicked off Big Mood with a $25,000 donation to Women’s Way of Philadelphia, a nonprofit close to Tierra’s heart that’s dedicated to promoting gender equality. “I support and really appreciate Women’s Way mission of gender equity and commitment to economic security,” said Tierra in a press release. “They work hard to ensure that women have the right to equal opportunity and equal wages to provide for their futures.”

Naturally, a big launch like this also comes with a big party. Recently, your favorite beauty TikTokers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, and Twitch streamers gathered to celebrate Big Mood’s release, and before you ask, yes, the vibes were just *chef’s kiss*. Think: metallic purple and iridescent decorations, an entire wall of Big Mood Mascara, Big Mood merch, photo opps galore, and, of course, enough makeup inspo to last you until you’re at least 60 years old.

Big Mood Mascara is worth celebrating. Its clean formula is loaded with jojoba wax to keep your lashes’ curls in place. It promises to plump and lift your lashes all day long, without smudging or flaking. In an eight-hour consumer study by e.l.f., the brand says 97% of users reported “bigger and bolder lashes,” while 100% reported “instant volume” and a “lengthening effect” and 94% reported “lifted lashes.”

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Clearly, this mascara is a big mood if I ever heard one. And it gave these beauty influencers who attended e.l.f.’s Big Mood launch event a makeup look to match:

Megs Cahill

Courtesy of e.l.f. Cosmetics

With over 62,000 followers on TikTok, professional makeup artist and founder of Get Stonned Megs Cahill wears a lot of different hats. While she never misses an opportunity to rock brushed-up eyebrows, her eyeshadow game goes from smokey and sultry to playful and blinged-out in the snap of a finger.

Valeria Loren

Valeria Loren, one of the winners of e.l.f.’s 2019 Beautyscape competition who moved to L.A. after feeling inspired from the contest, is the master of sun-kissed, dewy skin looks. Not to mention, her perfectly shaped brows and killer nude lip looks are things I’m definitely going to be copying in the future. Across her social channels, she shares hauls, product reviews, and advice on everything to hairstyling to cleaning to nail trends.

Karol Rodriguez

Courtesy of e.l.f. Cosmetics

One of the winners of e.l.f.’s Beautyscape 5.0 competition, Karol Rodriguez is the last person to shy away from vibrant, color-packed makeup. If a beauty look doesn’t involve at least three different shades, they’re probably not interested. Alongside eye-catching beauty looks and tutorials, they have a review for every viral TikTok beauty product that’s ever clogged up your FYP, so you can get all the tea.

Emily Anne Carden

Courtesy of e.l.f. Cosmetics

You probably already know of Emily Anne Carden from her incredibly honest makeup and getting ready videos on TikTok. She’s willing to talk about breakups, how to do makeup without brushes, new jobs, and share her own outfit tips, all interspersed with gorgeous, glitter-filled makeup looks. That’s what I call multifaceted.

Michael Brooks

Courtesy of e.l.f. Cosmetics

It doesn’t get much more playful and than Michael Brooks’ makeup looks. He’s willing to try any and all unique trends... and take them four steps further, killing it all in the process. The makeup artist is particularly skilled in crafting the most astounding, complex graphic eyeliner looks, equipping you with all the out-there makeup inspiration you could ever dream of.

Aria Saki

After the launch of its own Twitch channel, e.l.f. is committed to shedding light on beauty gamers. Twitch streamer Aria Saki is also a master of makeup, serving stunning winged eyeliner and a perfectly highlighted nose on the regular. Although TikTok isn’t her main platform, you can find plenty of trendy, dance videos on there, as well as images of her incredibly adorable cat.