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You Might Never Take Off These Easy ’70s Halloween Costumes

You will be the dancing queen.

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You’re not alone if Halloween always seems to sneak up on you, and if you’ve spent the summer partying away on rooftops and beaches, chances are you’ve probably given little thought to what your Halloween costume will be this year. When you’re fresh out of ideas, my go-to plan is to pick a throwback decade and run with it. From the ‘20s to Y2K, decades past are essentially time capsules positively overflowing with costume ideas. Fortunately for everyone, there are some seriously easy ‘70s Halloween costume ideas you can pull off last-minute — and lots of ‘em, so you don’t have to worry about showing up to a party with a million others in the same look.

If we’re being honest, some of the most iconic, recognizable figures and fashion trends were born in the ‘70s. Think: Liza Minnelli, tie-dye, and fun floral patterns. Considering fall 2021’s biggest fashion trends are full of major ‘70s fashion comebacks, you’ll probably have most of what you need for these costumes already in your closet. Worst case, hit up your favorite thrift shop and toss all the curvy florals, fringe, and bell-bottom pants you can find in your cart. With the below simple, easily recognizable Halloween costume ideas in your back pocket, there’s absolutely no excuse not to lean into the Halloween spirit this year.

Liza Minnelli in Cabaret
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To quote one of the iconic star’s most iconic Cabaret lines, “What good is sitting alone in your room?” Go out and dance the night away in this easy-to-pull-off, cabaret-inspired outfit. All you need is a black leotard, black shorts, fishnets, and a bowler hat. Dot your cheek with a strategically-placed beauty mark and bat some long, false eyelashes at anyone who will listen to you sing. “Maybe This Time” you’ll finally win a Halloween costume contest.

Gloria Steinem
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Model your next Halloween costume after a ‘70s feminist icon. Back then, Gloria Steinem was known for her oversized aviator glasses; wavy, middle-parted hair; and classic ‘70s outfits like a colorful button-down and flared pants. You probably already have all of these laying around in your room, so jus add in a Planned Parenthood pin or carry a book by Bell Hooks and you’ve got yourself a lewk, honey.

The Scooby-Do Gang
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Gather all your best mystery-solving friends for this easy ‘70s group costume idea. All you really need are bell bottoms and colorful sweaters and dresses, which you probably already have lying around your closet. Considering Daphne and Velma costumes are soaring in popularity this year, get your pick in soon so your friends don’t take your favorite character.

Flower Child
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Mod florals and psychedelic prints are back, baby. Grab something that’s versatile and that you can wear after Halloween, like floral bell-bottoms, a cute duster, or a lime green halter top. Grab a flower crown or wear a choker necklace around your forehead to really lean into the flower-child vibes. You might also want to play around with peace signs, crochet tops, and fringe-y vests.

Disco Queen
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Ugh, remember when American Apparel disco pants were a thing? What a time. The ‘70s disco scene is chock-full of bold fashion, so this costume will allow you to embrace your most extra self. Channel certified disco queen Diana Ross with a full-on, glitter- or sequin-covered outfit and slather your entire body with highlighter. For the fearless among us, this may just seem like an outfit for a regular Friday night, but if you play up the part on Halloween, everyone will know exactly who you came dressed as.

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