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5 Easy ‘90s Halloween Costumes That You Might Want To Wear All The Time

These are actually so cute.

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When I think of the ‘90s, I think of a few things: the colorful patterns that dotted every fashion aesthetic, the standout accessories that ruled the decade (gradient sunglasses, anyone?), and the iconic makeup that pretty much solidified any unforgettable look. Between the matte eyeshadows, the heavily-lined lips, the brooding rockstars, and the stylish pop stars that rose to fame, the ‘90s were bursting with style inspiration. Lucky for you, that means settling on an easy ‘90s costume for Halloween this year is simpler than ever.

From figures and groups like Naomi Campbell and Nirvana to classic movies like The Craft, the ‘90s is arguably the easiest decade to source for Halloween costume content. And considering both the fashion and the beauty of the ‘90s and Y2K are experiencing a heavy renaissance, you might even decide to wear your look well past spooky season.

Each of the five ‘90s costume ideas below is super easy to throw together with clothes and accessories you probably already have around the house. And if not, head on over to your nearest thrift stores now before all of the good vintage cardigans and knee-high socks are taken. Overall, with a little creativity and the right attitude, you can master any of these easy ‘90s looks for Halloween that definitely would have broken the internet if the internet as it is now was a thing at the time.

Kurt Cobain
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Ugh, Kurt. What a beautiful genius. Luckily, his infamous look is laid-back and easy to replicate at home. All you need are jeans, a T-shirt, and an oversized cardigan. Make sure not to wash your hair for a few days, and throw on some oval, plastic sunglasses to hide from the world. Any sneaker will do, and you’ll be super comfortable all night to boot. Just make sure not to buy any name-brand candy to give out to the kids on Halloween, because that’ll make you a sell out.

‘90s Supermodel
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Naomi Campbell is queen of the ‘90s, and there’s nothing anyone can ever say to convince me otherwise. There are so many ‘90s supermodel makeup tutorials available on the internet and if you want a hint, it’s all about the cut crease. Start with a smokey eye makeup look, then cut your crease with a Q-tip and some makeup remover. Add some lip liner, a glossy lip, and a fake beauty mark to complete this look. Scour thrift stores for the perfect ‘90s glam dress and strut into the party like you’re on a runway.

Clueless’ Cher And Dionne
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This iconic, easily recognizable ‘90s Halloween costume is for the ultimate BFF duos. Just snag a plaid blazer and knee-high socks to complete this look. You can even create Dionne’s iconic hat with some rolled up poster board and a little creativity. Once your clothes are set, grab your smallest purse (which is back in style, by the way), and tell your mom to mail you her old flip phone from the ‘90s. (You know it’s still in the garage gathering dust somewhere, so you can finally put it to good use.)

The Craft Girls
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Any goth girl will appreciate this costume idea, and if you’re not a goth, you’ll have a blast playing one for the night. All you really need to make this costume work is your best friends, some heavy eyeliner, and lots of black (and white) clothing items. Layer black sweaters over white crop tops, don black skirts with knee-highs, and wear your grayest shade of eyeshadow to channel these ‘90s babes that were obsessed with witchcraft and Tarot cards before it was cool.

A Classic ‘90s Pop Star
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Pop stars in the ‘90s deserve an entire section in the Met Museum to commemorate the iconic looks they served. One of the most iconic stars with an equally iconic style? Aaliyah. Pull this costume together with some barely-shaded sunglasses, a bandana, body glitter, low-rise jeans, and the ability to belt out any song at the drop of a hat.

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