Don’t Sleep On These 7 Accessories For An At-Home Spa Night

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You know that deep sense of comfort and serenity you feel after a massage or facial — almost like you’re floating on a cloud? It’s a legitimate effect. There are real stress-relieving benefits to regular acts of relaxation, and you don’t have to visit a wellness retreat to benefit from them. An at-home spa night, or even just a hot bath with some aromatic oils, can help your mind, body, and skin decompress. You’ll glow on the outside and feel all harmonious and balanced on the inside. That’s exactly why we’ve rounded up these seven little luxuries that will replicate the restorative effects of a spa without the trip and give you a well-deserved moment of pampering whenever you need one. Discover total tranquility ahead.

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A proper spa night begins with a plush, stretchy headband that won’t give you a headache. This one feels cushiony against the head but is still supportive enough to keep hair off the face while masking or moisturizing.

Create an intoxicating atmosphere of zen with a little aromatherapy. Essential oils of lavender, chamomile, and rosemary help support a tranquil feeling by sending signals to the brain that it’s time to unwind. Spritz some in the air before you begin your spa night, and then mist some directly on your pillow before bed for the most blissful nightcap ever.

Sprinkle these dried flowers of calendula and comfrey in a basin, bowl, or sink of warm water to create an anti-inflammatory, DIY facial steam. In addition to softening your pores to prep for a deep cleanse, inhaling the therapeutic aroma will instantly relax you and allow you to exhale negative energy and stress. Spa-ahhhh.

No matter your skin type, this lush, oil-free gel mask will awaken your skin and make your complexion look vacation-radiant. Natural minerals rev up skin’s production of protective antioxidants, aloe vera soothes redness and irritation, and azelaic acid prevents blemishes and brightens skin.

Melt away stress with this silky body oil made with nourishing rosemary, arnica, grapeseed, and sunflower oils. Drizzle a capful in a hot bath or rub all over post-shower to soften skin and quell muscle pain.

Had a long, hot shower? Good. Now massage on a body oil (like the one above), and glide one side of this beautiful obsidian tool over your neck, back, and other areas of tightness — working in long strokes toward the direction of your heart. The pressure of the stone promotes energy flow and spiritual peace while also breaking up tension and tightness, relieving water retention, and easing puffiness.

Here’s an eye mask that lets you customize your wellness journey: Heat it up in the microwave for a few seconds for a deep calm, or pop in the freezer to soothe tired eyes. We love to drape this over our eyes and head during a bath, meditation session, or right before sleep.

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