20 Super Comfortable Shoes Under $50 That Will Give You Height

The sky’s the limit.

Finding comfortable shoes that make you taller can be a struggle if you don’t know what to look for. For years, I teetered around in super uncomfortable stilettos because I loved how I looked with a few extra inches, but my feet paid the price. These days, I stick to platform sneakers when I want a little more height and they’re much more comfortable. I’ve got my go-to’s, but there are dozens of comfy platform shoes out there that look amazing, feel great, and won’t break the bank either.

Even though I’m a ride-or-die believer in a pair of 2-inch stacked Vans, the platform sneaker look isn’t for everyone and there are many more shoe styles that you look taller without making your feet hurt. Believe it or not, even stiletto heels don’t have to be uncomfortable. There are design tricks that can make most shoe styles wearable all day, six-inch heels included.

To figure out the most comfortable shoes for women, men, or nonbinary folks looking to add a few inches to their height, I asked NYC-based stylist and editor Audree Kate López to explain what exactly makes some shoes feel amazing and others feel like torture. López has a five-point criteria for shoe comfort that makes the shopping process way simpler, even online when you don’t have the option to try before you buy. Here’s what to look for when choosing a pair of high heels or platform shoes for comfort:

What Makes Platform Shoes Comfortable?

There are five important factors that can make platform shoes a pain or a pleasure to wear, according to López:

  1. One of the stylist’s top concerns is arch height. “If you have a heel with a steep arch where most of your weight is on the ball of your feet, it can become uncomfortable throughout the day,” she says. So, while arch support isn’t bad, when it comes to heels, your foot is often being manipulated by a high angle arch instead of being supported, which can be painful. Platform shoes — especially the “flatform” shoes coming back into vogue, thanks to the surge of Y2K fashion — have almost no arch, which many find to be more comfortable as the day goes on. López also recommends wedges if you’re looking for a heel with a softer arch.
  2. Sole thickness is also important to consider. “A thicker sole has more cushion, protection and can absorb more of the impact when your feet hit the ground,” says López. This is another reason why many platform shoes are so comfortable. In addition to having little to no arch, platforms have thick soles.
  3. The thickness of the heels themselves should also be factored in and, as López explains, can be more important than the height of the heel itself. “A thicker heel provides more support, better balance, and is more stable than a skinny stiletto,” she says.
  4. If the shoe has straps like many high heels and sandals tend to, the comfortability and security of the straps are very important. López recommends straps that look and feel strong enough to hold the foot securely, but not so tight that they’ll squish your toes or cut off circulation.
  5. Rounding out López’s list of factors that affect shoe comfort is the material the shoes are made of. “A soft leather or vegan leather lining creates instant comfort while a patent leather, vinyl, PVC, or plastic can be very uncomfortable and will not stretch or form to the foot,” she says.

Keeping these five factors in mind when you pick out shoes will help you avoid winding up with blisters or aching arches. Below, you’ll find our carefully curated list of shoes that prioritize comfort and will add a few (or more) inches to your height — and all for under $50.

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Zipper Platform Wedges

Don’t be intimidated by the 4.7-inch height on these wedges. As López explains, “If you have a skinny stiletto with a thin sole, under three inches is probably the most comfortable, but a five-inch platform can potentially be just as, if not more comfortable because it has a thicker block heel, platform sole, and a softer arch.”


Open Toe “Flatform” Espadrilles

When it comes to shoes that give you both height and comfort, the “flatform” is the way to go. As López explains, the angle of a shoe’s arch can cause discomfort, especially if the arch is quite high. A “flatform,” even ones with as much height as these, are extra comfortable on account of their flat sole.

Cork Wedge Heels

These heels from Blowfish feature extra padding in the insole, a gentle arch, a 3-inch heel, and velcro closure. “Best pair of wedges I’ve owned. These shoes are super comfortable, easy to walk in, and lightweight,” shared one reviewer. Another happy customer described them as “so light, comfortable, and easy to walk in.”

Faux Suede Block Heels

These chunky faux-suede heels clock in at almost four inches at the heel. However, that doesn’t mean they’re not comfortable. In fact, one reviewer pointed out that these platforms check off a number of López’s comfortable heel must-haves: “I love that the platforms give you a full, tall high heel look that lengthens your legs, but the arch is soft enough that these don’t hurt your feet.”


Strappy Platform Sandals

Another pair of platforms with almost no arch to speak of, these strappy sandals have a 4.3 out of 5 average rating on Amazon and reviewers give them major points for comfort. “The support is great; they are comfortable and don’t rub,” shared one fan of the strappy sandals. “I have four pairs and I will buy more,” wrote another.


Chunky Holographic Platform Sneakers

If you’re a fan of a chunky sneaker and Y2K fashion, you’ll be equally in love with the aesthetic and the comfort level of these platforms. Reviewers are obsessed with how comfy these holographic sneakers are. “These are so comfy. It's like walking on a cloud,” wrote one fan. “They are really cute, light, and very comfortable. I'm on my feet for 12 hours so comfort is very important,” shared another.


Espadrille Platform Wedges

These Espadrille-style wedge sandals check almost every heel comfort box from the style to the arch height. Reviewers also vouch for their comfort level. One fan of the wedges wrote that “I absolutely love these platform wedge heels. They are very comfortable, easy to walk in, and they look great.” Another shared, “Super cute shoes and very comfy!”


Vegan Leather Chunky Platform Loafer

Another business casual option, this pair of platform loafers is vegan leather and features a chunky gold chain embellishment. Reviewers called out comfort level and the overall quality of the shoes given the super reasonable price point.


Platform Flip Flops

The foam sole of these platform flip flops makes them surprisingly light and comfortable to walk in, according to reviews. These platforms are just over four inches high at the heel and feature a 2.5-inch platform, which means the arch angle is also a win for comfort. “Really comfy too; I wear them more than my regular flip flops now,” wrote one reviewer.


Pastel Platform Sneakers

Platform sneakers will always be my favorite way to add inches to my height because they’re so comfortable and reviewers of these pastel platform sneakers agree. “With each step, you can feel the cushion firmly conforming to your feet,” wrote one reviewer, while another shared that “they are incredibly comfortable and easy to walk in.”


Open-Toe Slingback Heels

These slingback sandals feature a faux wooden heel and platform that is, according to reviewers, “extremely lightweight.” Weight is an important factor when it comes to the comfort of heels, especially when you’re looking at an almost 5-inch heel height like this pair features. Still, reviewers report these shoes are very comfortable to walk in. “ They fit perfectly and are extremely comfy,” wrote one happy customer. “They were far more comfortable than I thought they would be and stable to walk in,” shared another.


Platform Gladiator Sandals

Just in time for festival season, these gladiator-style platform sandals come in a range of fun colors and patterns. “I could walk miles in these babies with no pain,” wrote one happy customer. Another added, “so cute and comfy!”


Chunky Chain-Embellished Platform Sneakers

Looking for a platform sneaker that’s a little bit extra? These chain embellished platforms run a little big, but reviewers found them to be comfortable even when worn for over 10 hours at a festival. “These are really light shoes and they make me very tall! They're super comfortable too,” shared one reviewer.


Platform Neon Slides

These neon platform slides run small and reviewers recommend sizing up when you buy, but the 2.5-inch sandals are still a big hit when it comes to both comfort and style. “The straps don’t rub at all,” shared one reviewer. “I love these shoes. They are so comfortable,” wrote another.


Faux Satin Platform Pumps With Ankle Straps

If you’re a fan of high fashion dupes, do yourself a favor and snap up these platform pumps, which reviewers swear are a dupe of a pair of much-loved Versace Medusa Aevitas Pumps ($1,425). The height of the heels clocks in at 5.7-inches but the mule is also quite high so the arch won’t be too much to handle. The heels are also chunky, which means they’ll afford you a bit of extra balance. “These are a great dupe! They’re comfy and super pretty,” wrote one reviewer.


Sporty Platform Sandals

These 2-inch platform sandals are built for comfort. The insole is, according to reviews, especially supportive. “They're so comfortable! The bottoms are squishy and feel like a thick yoga mat,” shared one reviewer. Another added that these sporty sandals are “very cute, soft, and comfortable to wear.”


Gelly Platform Slides

These platform sandals by Jeffery Campbell offer just above two inches at the heel with a 1-inch platform making the arch height totally doable for a day of walking. One reviewer did, in fact, spend a whole day walking around in them. She wrote that she “wore them nonstop in Las Vegas walking miles and miles every day. They elevated every outfit of mine because I was wearing heels but I was so comfortable!”


Chunky Raffia Slide Sandals

These chunky slide sandals feature beachy, all-over raffia texture and a 2.5-inch heel paired with a two-inch platform, making them a supremely supportive pair of sandals and shoppers agree. “Immediately comfortable,” wrote one reviewer. “WOW,” shared another, “they are so incredibly comfortable. It gives you the height of a heel with the comfort of a sneaker.” Count me in.


Slip-On Platform Sandals

“I have great luck with Lulus,” says López when asked about her favorite affordable shoe brand. “They are kind of my go-to heel for weddings or events.” This pair of mint green slip-on wedges are 4.25-inches at the heel and 1.5-inches at the platform.


Clear Strap Espadrille Wedges

These jelly sandal-inspired espadrille wedges feature a cushioned insole and a 4.75-inch heel. “They’re very comfy,” wrote one reviewer while another added, “they are comfortable and perfect.”

Expert cited:

Audree Kate López, fashion stylist