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ColourPop's New Star Wars Bring Home The Galaxy Collection: the C3PO eyeshadow palette.

ColourPop's $16 Star Wars C-3PO Pressed Powder Palette Is Golden

This is madness.

Courtesy of ColourPop

Goodness! ColourPop knows just how to get a fandom all worked up, especially before the holidays. The cosmetics brand behind some of your favorite nostalgia-filled launches has yet another Star Wars release on its slate, and it’s a must for all the OG fans. Dropping on Thursday, Oct. 27, ColourPop's C-3PO Pressed Powder Palette is nothing short of golden — literally. The new product channels the anxiety-ridden robot’s stylish gold plating so you can look just as glamorous as if Anakin himself had built you on Tatooine.

When it comes to iconic Star Wars characters, C-3PO is among the most notable. Not only did he have the first line of the original trilogy, he also had the last line of the prequels. This is madness. And, alongside Darth Vader, The Mandalorian, and Grogu, the droid is the latest Star Wars character to join ColourPop’s rich line of George Lucas character-inspired makeup.

For the C-3PO launch, the pressed shadows include six shimmering metallic shades. There’s a silver, rose gold, and sparkling caramel brown, as well as three different yellow-gold shades ranging from soft yellow to a deep, orange-y color. To complete the palette, there’s also a matte peach, light brown, and chocolate eyeshadow, perfect for creating a neutral, smokey eye. Given how in-your-face the shiny robot is in every scene, it’s no shock that this palette is as eye-catching as possible.

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Getting your hands on ColourPop’s C-3PO palette will be easier than buying a droid. You can buy the nine-pan palette for an easy $16. It’s so affordable, you may want to snag some of the beauty brand’s other sci-fi-themed makeup while you’re there. You’ll have plenty of Star Wars goodies to choose from, plus options inspired by Harry Potter and Hocus Pocus 2.

ColourPop’s C-3PO palette isn’t just a one-off product either. Star Wars is actually having an entire “Bring Home The Galaxy” campaign for the holidays. Once a week, starting Tuesday, Oct. 18, there’ll be a new out-of-this-galaxy product coming from Hasbro, Funko, LEGO, Mattel, and more of your favorite brands. That means that, alongside your new palette, there are also new T-shirts, Funko Pops, and other fun swag that’ll make this your most space-themed holiday season yet.

ColourPop's C-3PO Pressed Powder Palette will drop on ColourPop’s Star Wars page on Oct. 27.