Color-changing makeup products actually worth the hype.
8 Color-Changing Makeup Products Worth The Hype, According To TikTok

Even better, the viral goodness starts at $4.

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Makeup is like magic; it’s powerful, transformative, and even mood-enhancing. And with color-changing products, those who grew up loving mood rings can have their own adult version of something that transforms right before their eyes. There’s nothing more fun than seeing what shade you end up with, and that’s why color-changing makeup products are totally taking over TikTok. ‘Cause, come on, what’s more fun to film than something that is going to look a little different on everyone who wears it?

How Does Color-Changing Makeup Work?

Color-changing products work due to the pH levels of the product interacting with the pH levels of your skin. This is why blushes and glosses can appear clear in their container or upon initial application, only to turn into a shade of pink or red once it hits your face.

But Not All Color-Shifting Products Are Created Equal

There are claims that color-changing foundations on the market do the same thing as other shade-shifting products, with many brands promising to perfectly match them to your skin tone. But TikTok users like @missdarcei were quick to point out that these “one-color-fits all” promises don’t hold up when people with darker skin tones try them out. @Missdarcei even tried out multiple color-changing foundations that still left a white cast on her skin. For that reason, below you’ll find only color-changing blushes, lippies, and even some eyeshadows — no foundations — that look different depending on what light you’re in.

Here are the best color-changing products available right now that are completely worth the hype, according to TikTok.


TikTok user @sarah_wolak shows how this blush works IRL and her TikTok community loved it so much, they asked her to use it as a lip stain too — and it totally works as both. She calls it the perfect “subtle but cute” pop of color. Since this cheek tint is made with jojoba oil and vitamin E, it delivers that dewy “glass skin” look that’s so popular in beauty right now.


The Tarte Maracuja Juicy Lip & Cheek Shift tint offers six different color-changing shades to choose from, based on the desired outcome you want. These tubes look straight out of the ‘90s, and yes, that’s a compliment to the iconic brand. Since each shade is infused with hyaluronic acid, maracuja oil, and grapeseed oil, you’ll even get anti-aging benefits when you swipe a few dots of this product on the apples of your cheeks. TikTok user @chelseaolivia136 says “the yellow [shade] wins,” adding that it’s a neutral “pink superior moment.”


The Youthforia color-changing blush oil is actually a bit different from others on the market because it starts out green in the bottle; once you apply it, it turns into the perfect pink shade to match your skin. TikTok user @lexusmperezz, who has 35k followers, showed exactly how this blush oil looks on medium skin tones. I “wasn’t expecting this to actually look so good,” they wrote.


This blush is infused with Dior’s color reviver technology that creates a customized rosy color, depending on the amount of moisture in your skin. Plus, once it’s on, it’ll stay put all day long. TikTok user @liv.tino says, “It’s a little intimidating at first, but this blush is amazing.”


Not all color-changing makeup products have to react to pH levels. Some can just look different depending on the light you’re in. If you’re an eyeshadow fan and want to spice up your typical look, reach for these loose eyeshadow pigments by Nikkia Joy Cosmetics. Unlike gels or oils, this is a loose pigment glitter eyeshadow that lets you build it up however you want to. TikTok user @courtneyleighhol calls this collection “a mindf*ck” in the best way.


If you’re a glitter gworl, you need the Essence Glimmer Glow Lipstick. It promises to deliver the perfect pink pout while also giving you a little bit of shimmer with flecks of glitter built right into the formula. “I let it sit for a little bit and look at how pink my lips got,” wrote TikTok user @dorie.mua, in awe. As always, this Essence product is vegan, paraben, preservative, and gluten-free. Oh, and it’s only $4.


This tinted moisturizer is made to color correct before you apply your foundation. If you deal with red skin due to eczema, rosacea, or just you know, everyday life, this moisturizer goes on green, then blends out into your skin to create the perfect primer effect for you to layer underneath your natural foundation shade. TikTok user @christxiee said, “So far it’s giving, the Grinch,” before she saw it blend in with her skin tone. “It is literally color-changing,” she said.


RHONY alum and new makeup guru Bethenny Frankel calls this blush a “holy sh*t product,” adding that “when I saw this, my life changed.” Her tutorial of the product application went viral and the blush promptly sold out. Now it’s back in stock and you can get it for $26. The secret ingredient to the EspressOh formula is caffeine, so it gives an extra boost of hydration to wherever you apply it and makes any area of your face look instantly more awake.

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