This Shade-Shifting Makeup Completely Changes Colors & People Are Freaking Out

by Stephanie Montes

First, it was "the dress." There were full-blown debates over whether a dress hanging in an Instagram photo was actually white or blue. Then there was the whole Laurel/Yanny debacle (although this is one I completely ignored). And now, there's shade-shifting makeup that changes from green, to blue, and purple with every move you make. The only difference is that this magical powder is actually meant to change colors — it's not just some optical illusion — though it actually does look too good to be real.

If you haven't heard of Chaos Makeup yet, prepare yourself for the things you're about to see. They're a Texas-based makeup brand known for their wildly original ideas and mind-blowing formulas. Last year, the indie makeup brand shared video on Instagram that got over 62 thousand views. In the clip, viewers see someone swatch on a super-pigmented cream product in a dark berry, almost black shade. Then, that person runs the swatch under a faucet of running water. Here, we see the swatch completely change colors from the deepest shade of purple to a bright (almost neon) shade of teal. Yeah, magic. There's literally no other explanation. See the wizardry below with your own eyes.

Then, a video surfaced of another cream product that completely changed colors from a dark purple to a shade of magenta. The craziest part is this one didn't even need water to shift shades. Once the swatch hit the person's hand, the warmth of their skin was enough to completely transform the color.

The only problem is, these videos were posted about a year ago, and I am still waiting to get my hands on these magical makeup products. No word from Chaos Makeup if they're still planning to release the product, but I have to say, it's not looking good for us.

I'm not saying this whole mood ring-inspired makeup was a complete hoax, but it definitely looked too good to be true. The beauty world may not be ready for such makeup witchcraft, but chances are it probably just turned out to be a production nightmare. I mean, how many times can a product change colors before it stops working and the company gets a slew of customer complaints?

Before you go crying in your makeup bag, not all hope is lost. Chaos Makeup just teased yet another color-changing makeup product on Instagram with the caption, "something new is coming 😍." However, this one looks much easier to produce, especially because it changes with the angles of which the light hits it, as opposed to body heat or water tricks.

We see an entire hand swatched with what looks like a powder product. At first, it looks like a shade of green with halographic hints of neon yellow — it almost looks like an infrared view of a hand. Then as the hand moves, it changes to be completely purple with pink undertones. Finally it transforms into a dark shade of blue and ends with hints of bright teal. See for yourself.

All I want is this product on my eyes and lips right now, and I'm not the only one who thinks so either. Followers on Instagram are freaking out.

Again, no word as to when this new product will launch or when Chaos Makeup will announce what the mystery product actually is. My bet is it will be a while before it hits their website, but when it does, it won't be in stock very long — mostly because I will purchase a lifetime supply.