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7 Bridgerton Hair Tutorials That’ll Have The Suitors Lining Up

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Coming off my fifth re-watch of Bridgerton Season 1, one thing (beyond the fact that it’s a perfect TV show) is clear: It makes for 1. a great Halloween costume, or 2. amazing general style inspo. The Regency-era drama is rife with beautiful gowns, titillating romance, and some gorgeous hairstyles, to boot. So, to be able to properly rock your Bridgerton Halloween costume or Bridgerton Season 2 first-watch look, you’re going to need to watch a few Bridgerton hair tutorials to really nail the look.

There are so many beautiful and complex hairdos throughout the series that really contribute to the way this series sucks you into its world. Daphne Bridgerton never has her short curtain bangs out of place, even with both flowers and a tiara on her head. Queen Charlotte has some of the most intricate, artistic wigs to ever grace the small screen. Then, there’s Penelope Featherington’s incredibly impressive curls. If you’re feeling a challenge, you can even attempt a hair sculpture that’ll make Cressida Cowper jealous. The hair game throughout Bridgerton is simply unmatched.

However, as nice as it would be to have a lady’s maid dress your tresses for you, you’re likely facing down your Bridgerton-inspired ‘do on your own. That’s where these Bridgerton hairstyle tutorials come in. No matter which of the characters you most want to embody, you can get their hair on lock by following along with the following videos.

Here Are 3 Ways You Can Achieve A Daphne Bridgerton Hairstyle

Jackie Wyers has three hairdos that’ll definitely make you the diamond of the season. Her looks are more involved, but that means you’ll be 100% ball-ready by the end. However, you’ll probably need two mirrors to master the styles.


How To Get Penelope Featherington’s Tight Curls

Penelope Featherington is one of my absolute favorite characters in the series. Despite being a wallflower, Penelope’s massive, fire-red curls make her one of the most eye-catching debutantes at any event. Now, all you need is a vibrant, yellow dress, and you’ll be all Lady Whistledown can talk about.


Learn The Ins And Outs Of Queen Charlotte’s 18th Century ‘Do

For those who embody royalty in everyday life, it’s only right that you bring Queen Charlotte out IRL. The monarch has a slew of iconic looks, befitting her station, but you can channel her style by copying Iridessence’s tutorial. She writes out each step of the tutorial on the video frames, making the entire thing very easy to follow along.


You, Too, Can Perfectly Execute Cressida Cowper’s Hair Sculptures

Cressida Cowper may be a bully, but that doesn’t mean her hairdos aren’t worth copying. In fact, Cressida’s hair sculptures are some of the most intricate looks of the entire show. If you’re daring enough to take them on, you’ll want to copy @PrettyShepherd’s tutorial. Make sure you do some arm stretches first, so you don’t get too sore.


OK, Here’s An Easy Bridgerton Hair How-To

Your Bridgerton hairstyle doesn’t have to be super complex to fit the bill. With a few hair bands and some sparkling clips, @ghd_usa’s tutorial will ensure you have suitors lining up at your door and begging to court you.


Regency Hairstyles For Short Hair Are Possible

Although the ladies of Bridgerton have impressively long hair, for the most part, short-haired people can channel Regency-era hair looks with Margaret French’s tutorial on TikTok. It’ll go perfectly alongside a proper period dress and corset.


Lastly, A Daphne Bridgerton Bangs Tutorial For Those Without Bangs

You don’t need to cut a set of curtain bangs to look like Daphne Bridgerton. Instead, @the.bridalist pulls out some hair from her braids to recreate the main character’s wispy look.

Bridgerton Season 2 starts streaming on Netflix on Friday, March 25.

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