Queen Charlotte and her ladies maids in "Bridgerton" season one.

This New 'Bridgerton' Loungewear Will Have You Burning For A New Hoodie

Courtesy of Netflix

There have been countless TV-show epochs during the pandemic. It all started with Tiger King; then, Too Hot To Handle took over the internet. Most recently, it's all Bridgerton, all the time. After I first watched the Regency-era show, I'm not ashamed to say that I immediately started it again. Since then, I've gathered enough restraint to only have rewatched it once more, although I do have all nine books en route to my home. However, my new favorite period piece is challenging my tenuous self-control even more. Netflix teamed up with Phenomenal for a Bridgerton merch collection, and I want it all.

While Regencycore has been all the rage since the show first dropped on Dec. 25, 2020, this merch line is all about loungewear. As much as I love seeing corsets all over my For You Page, owning Bridgerton merch that I'd actually enjoy wearing while marathoning Season 2 is key. The drop includes four pastel-colored sweatshirts with iconic quotes from the series printed on the front. "Dear Reader," "If there's a scandal, I shall uncover it," "I wish to be entertained," and, of course, "I burn for you" are all lines that decorate these fleecy tops. The sweatshirts run from sizes S to 3XL and are available for pre-order on Phenomenal's website. They'll ship out during the week of March 15.

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Part of the reason behind this collab is Phenomenal's mission to uplift women's voices. "Bridgerton symbolizes the Phenomenal messaging around ambition for 2021 by centering dynamic, female characters who don’t conform to society’s limited views of who and what women should be," an official press release for the collection stated. As exciting as this collaboration is for a plethora of reasons, the good news doesn't end there. Phenomenal plans on expanding this line in the future, so there's even more Bridgerton fashion to look forward to.

Although Bridgerton has been renewed for a Season 2, there's still been no official word as to when fans can expect to see it. Therefore, to get your Regency-fill, one of these $59 sweatshirts may be your only way to celebrate your favorite characters for some time.