Charithra Chandran as Edwina Sharma wearing Pat McGrath Labs makeup and 'Bridgerton' beauty trends.
12 Bridgerton-Inspired Beauty Products Worthy Of A Viscountess

Embrace your inner incomparable.

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Bridgerton fever is still running high, thanks, in part, to some truly incredible beauty looks. While it doesn’t make sense to wear a four-foot tall updo studded with roses and diamonds when you’re out on the weekend, there are some beauty moments and trends from Bridgerton Season 2 that definitely work for real life in 2022.

You can channel Queen Charlotte’s incredible coifs, for example, with jeweled pins and oversized ribbons. Kate Sharma’s otherworldly glow? There’s a product — or five — that can create that. The same goes for flushed lips and cheeks, a romantic look that’s a major Regency era staple. Among the cheek stains, highlighters, and skin tints that can create these looks, there’s a whole world of Bridgerton beauty products out just waiting for you to try on to channel your inner incomparable.

There are two vibes co-existing in the world of Bridgerton beauty right now. You’ve got the official launches, blessed by Shondaland and Netflix, and the unofficial launches, products that give you that undone, Regency era flush like you’ve just made eye contact with your forbidden beloved for five hours at a ball. Here are 12 beauty products that pass both the official and unofficial Bridgerton vibe check.

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Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton Nearly Nude Lipstick

So much of Bridgerton Season 2’s spiciest moments were basically closeups of Kate Sharma and Anthony Bridgerton breathing into each other’s mouths, so naturally fans’ eyes were drawn to Kate’s lips. And considering the makeup team exclusively used McGrath Labs makeup, these official Bridgerton collab lipsticks ($28, Pat McGrath) are likely the same ones used by the team behind this season’s gorgeous beauty looks.

The colors mostly stick to nudes that could be your natural lip color if your lips were always beautifully tinged with a hint of color and also incredibly smooth. The finish here is truly gag-worthy: It’s not quite a gloss finish, but it’s still somewhat glossy; I wouldn’t call it satin either, since it doesn’t leave the lips looking wet. Instead, it makes them glow, which is a kind of magic I’m not going to question too much.


Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton Eyeshadow Palette

This eyeshadow palette ($65, Pat McGrath) is *everything*. It combines Regency era colors seen throughout Bridgerton Season 2 with the kind of stunning, unexpected finishes Pat McGrath is known for creating. Shades of pink, gold, mauve, and aqua are given modern updates with velvety matte, sheen, and sparkle finishes. The shadows themselves are intensely creamy, thoroughly buildable, and deliver a shocking payoff.


Bridgerton x Kitsch Satin Scrunchies

I swear by satin scrunchies and love to wear an oversized one on my wrist. These Bridgerton x Kitsch satin scrunchies ($18, Kitsch) come in a set of two and in an exclusive, limited-edition floral print. At seven inches in diameter, they’re big enough to pineapple even the most impressive crown of curls or coils *and* Queen Charlotte would swoon over them.


Bridgerton x Kitsch Towel Wrap

This microfiber hair towel has Newton on it and that’s all I needed to know in order to get myself one, but here is another important detail in case you need convincing: It also has Queen Charlotte’s Pomeranian on it. In all seriousness, my hair never dries faster or with less frizz than when I wrap it up in a Kitsch microfiber hair towel ($29, Kitsch) and I’m genuinely thrilled to see one included in its Bridgerton collab line.


Beekman 1802 x Bridgerton Society Papers Soap Set

Aside from the genuine excellence of Beekman 1802 soaps in general, the packaging of this Lady Whistledown soap set a must-have for Bridgerton fans. This official Bridgerton x Beekman 1802 collaboration soap set ($34, Beekman 1802) comes with four goat milk soaps, wrapped in Lady Whistledown’s Society Columns in a keepsake box laced with velvet ribbon.

The reviews are glowing from superfans of the show and skin care enthusiasts alike. One happy customer wrote, “The packaging is very nice and great for the theme. The soaps have a creamy, luxurious lather, and I find that my dry skin has been softer since using it.” Another shared, “I purchased three sets to share and after opening the beautiful packaging, I decided to keep for myself.”


Charlotte Tilbury Highlighting Wand

If you want to create that rosy glow Edwina Sharma always seemed to radiate — somewhere between a blush and a highlight — this is the product for you. Charlotte Tilbury is known for creating soft, dreamy looks and this highlighting wand ($40, Charlotte Tilbury) delivers a rosy glow worthy of the diamond of the season.


tarte Barely There Cheek Stain

The whole appeal of Bridgerton beauty is that it’s almost always understated — a flush across the cheeks, a gleam on the browbone, and so on — which makes the recent return of tarte’s iconic cheek stain ($30, tarte) extra amazing. This was the first product tarte ever dropped and it’s making a brief return in three limited-edition hues that will make you look like you were just asked if you know all the ways a lady can be seduced.

Danessa Myricks

Face gloss is having a major moment IRL, but also did you notice how glossy everyone was in Season 2 of Bridgerton? I did and I have been desperate for a product to make me look glowy, not greasy, ever since my fourth rewatch of the season.

This hydrating and highlighting balm ($22, Sephora) from expert MUA Danessa Myricks does exactly that and while it comes in pigmented shades as well as this transparent one, I prefer the glassy glow of its clear shade when I’m trying to channel my inner viscountess.


Regency Era Jeweled Hair Pins

In 2022, there are few occasions that call for an actual, IRL tiara. However, you can wear these Regency-era bejeweled hair pins basically anywhere. The set of five pins, according to reviews, read fairly high-end despite the low price tag. My favorite part though is the considerable size of the emerald-like stones. They’re giving Lady Featherington and I’m here for it.


Faux Pearl-Encrusted Hair Clips

Still enamored with Daphne’s duchess vibes from Season 1? This set of 18 hair clips and hair pins ($10, Amazon) feature faux pearls that have a softer style than full-on bejeweled drip.


Rituel de Fille All Over “Luminizer”

Rituel de Fille is known for creating a nearly natural luminosity that wouldn’t look out of place in a ballroom. The brand’s cult-favorite luminizers ($29, Ulta) can be built up to high beam highlight levels, but I personally love how subtle they can be. When applied lightly, it’s easy to recreate Kate Sharma’s sun-kissed glow.


The Hair Edit Satin Ribbon Scrunchie

The perfect hair accessory for looking undone during furtive chance encounters with your paramours in libraries at midnight, this blush scrunchie ($4, Ulta) is cleverly disguised as an oversized hair ribbon. Use it to tie off a braid or wrap around an updo for instant boost of romantic vibes.

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