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Woman wearing a silk hair accessory to protect her curly hair.
These 11 Silk & Satin Hair Accessories Will Protect Your Curly Hair

Breakage? Don’t know her.

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Curls need extra TLC, and that special attention extends beyond deep conditioning treatments, oils, and curl creams into styling accessories and even how you sleep on your hair. It may sound extra, but the payoff of getting deep in the silk hair accessories game makes it all worth it. Protecting your hair with silk doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, either. Satin, a blended fabric that provides hair with the same slip at a fraction of the cost of silk, also delivers major benefits to curly hair.

After all, curls are needy, says celebrity hair stylist Mia Santiago. “Curls get dry faster than hair that’s straight or wavy because the oils from the scalp doesn’t get down to the bottom as easily and you can’t continue to brush your hair [to distribute the natural oils from the scalp],” Santiago tells Elite Daily. “So people with curls have drier, more fragile ends.” Fragile hair is more likely to break, especially around where it’s stressed — like the spot on your head where you usually have your ponytail or near the nape of your neck where the hair is tugged up and pulled hard.

Luckily, welcoming the following silk and satin bandanas, scrunchies, pillowcases, and towels into your hair routine will keep your curls protected, hydrated, and healthy.

The Best Silk Bandana For Curly Hair

One of the biggest draws of silk — or in this case, an imitation silk blend — hair accessories is that it protects your hair from friction that other materials can cause. This fresh take on a traditional bandana scarf does exactly that. You can use it to wrap up your hair, fold it into a headband, or go the kerchief route, all while avoiding frizz.

The Best Skinny Silk Scrunchies

If you’re not a fan of thick scrunchies, you can still reap all the benefits of silk with these skinny hair ties from Slip. “Scrunchies that are made of silk or satin are less likely to get stuck in your hair and when you do decide to take them out, they’ll slide across your hair instead of getting tangled which causes breakage,” Santiago says.


The Best Standard-Size Silk Scrunchies

If you’ve got a lot of curls, you know that different styles call for different-sized scrunchies. These 100% silk scrunchies from Blissy come in a huge range of colors and, at least for me, hit the sizing sweet spot: not too big and not too small for everyday use. They’re big enough to handle a sizable ponytail, but won’t draw the eye away from the star of the show (aka your incredible curl pattern).


The Best Silk Hair Ribbons

Swap out your standard craft store ribbons with ones that won’t cause damage, breakage, or friction. These ribbons from Lily Silk are made from 100% pure Mulberry silk and are thick and long enough to get creative with.

The Best Satin-Lined Hair Tie For Pineappling

As someone with chest-length curls, it can be a struggle to find silk- or satin-lined scrunchies that are big enough to hold my hair in a comfortable pineapple. That’s why I’m obsessed with these adjustable elastics from YGN. The elastics inside these scrunchies stretch up to 26 inches, which means they can handle a full head of curls, but also won’t cause breakage.


The Best Towel for Curly Hair

Remember how important natural oils are for curly hair? This satin-wrapped towel ensures your hair’s natural oils stay where they belong — on your curls — and also won’t cause frizz the way rubbing your hair down with a standard towel will.


The Best Satin-Lined Shower Cap

Curls suck up moisture in the air, which means that a steamy bath or shower equals a halo of frizz. If you’re into that, great. If you’re not, get yourself a shower cap. This cap from Glow by Daye is lined with satin which means it’ll offer your hair the kind of slip it needs to keep your curl pattern fresh.


The Best Silk Pillowcase For Curly Hair

If you’ve got curls, you’ll want this secret frizz-fighting weapon in your arsenal. Silk and satin pillowcases “help avoid breakage and damage because hair glides across the pillowcase as opposed to getting stuck on the cotton or other fabrics,” says Santiago. This pillowcase is a heavy hitter — it’s pure Mulberry silk.


The Best Satin-Lined Bonnet

An effective alternative to a silk or satin pillowcase is the bonnet, a hair care staple if you’ve got curly or coily hair. A bonnet lined with silk or satin not only keeps your hairstyle intact during sleep, but also minimizes pattern-disrupting and frizz-causing movement and contact. This satin-lined one from Peace Crown’d is made to order.


The Best Oversized Satin Scrunchie

If you’re looking to make a major statement with your hair accessories, Crown Affair has you covered with this satin scrunchie that’s six inches in diameter. It comes in two chic shades of green and won’t soak up your leave-in conditioner or leave that dreaded ponytail kink on the top of your head once you take your hair down.


The Best Silk Scrunchies To Tie Off Your Braids

There’s nothing worse than wrecking the already-dry ends of your curls by securing braids with a tiny, plastic hair tie that’s guaranteed to take hair with it when you get around to unbraiding. That’s where these minis come in. They come in a pack of 12 and make a great replacement for damaging elastic hair ties.

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