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The 5 Best Eyebrow Stencils & Brow Shaping Kits On Amazon

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by Erica Gerald Mason

To consistently achieve the perfect brows, the best eyebrow stencils makes it easy to ensure beautiful results every time you want to shape them or fill them in. Top-rated stencils are not only made from flexible materials so they hug the shape of your face, but they also have a variety of arch options so you can switch up your look or find one that looks great with your features. Basic stencils are bendable but not adhesive, but you might appreciate options that stick to your face during use to make things a bit easier. If you feel like you could use more guidance regarding where to place your brows on your face, look for stencils with markings that help you align them with your bone structure.

Eyebrow stencils tend to come in sets or kits, many of which include tools or makeup to use with the stencils. If you’re new to brow care and need to stock up on the relevant tools, consider a brow kit that comes with extras like tweezers, eyebrow scissors, and an eyebrow brush. These can also be good for travel if the tools are smaller or come in a helpful carrying case. If you don’t already own brow makeup you love, or if you’re not sure which makeup to use with your stencils, you might prefer a kit that comes with its own eyebrow pencil, brow powder, or brow pomade. On the flip side, those who already have an impressive stash of tools and products might appreciate a minimalist eyebrow stencil kit that consists of stencils only.

If you're looking for perfectly shaped eyebrows with almost no effort, then keep scrolling to check out the best of Amazon’s wide selection of eyebrow stencil kits.

1. A 5-Pack Of Eyebrow Stencils With Markings To Help You Place Them

Whether you need to fill in or shape and refine your brows, these eyebrow stencils have you covered. There are five stencils in this set, all made of flexible plastic, which means they'll bend and flex to fit your face. The stencils come with markings to help align the guide with your bone structure in a process Anastasia Beverly Hills calls the golden ratio technique. This method provides a helping hand in sculpting your brows by pointing out where the brand believes your eyebrows should begin and end, as well as where your arch should be (though obviously, it’s just a suggestion and you should let your mood lead you). If you need other grooming tools for your brows, the brand’s cult-favorite tweezers, scissors, and makeup pencil sharpener are also sold on the same Amazon product page.

Helpful review: “Perfect brows every time!!! Filling in your brows can be a pain in the butt. Sometimes you will have to wipe off half of your face (makeup) just to redo your brows. These make it much easier perfect brow every time and it gives you 5 options of different brow arches. The only thing is the price 20$ is a little pricey but I guess you get what you pay for. I would buy these again in a minute and recommend them to anyone.”

2. An Eyebrow Stencil Kit That Comes With Brow Powder

Shape and define your brows and minimize time spent in front of the mirror with this eyebrow stencil and powder set. The set, which comes in light brown, dark brown, or gray and black, gives you everything you need to create the perfect brow look. This includes six different stencils so you can choose your ideal shape, and they are flexible enough for easy use. They come with a compact that includes two shades of powder, a professional brush, and a mirror, all of which are super nice to have. The double-sided applicator brush features a wedge shape on one side to shape your brows and a softer brush on the other. Apply your brows with the triangular side for a precise and defined look, or use the rounded side for a more natural look. The duo powder keeps your brows in place for hours without coming off.

Helpful review: “This is the BEST, easiest and fastest eyebrow makeup I’ve tried. [...] First reason I love fab brows is because it last all day!!!!! If I’m sweating in the sun, at the beach, going for a run, I tend to wipe my face a lot, this products resistance is amazing. It last all day without any smudging or smearing. Second, the stencils are genius. Literally saves me so much time from being in the mirror trying to shape my brows. It’s so simple and easy to use, and I always get the same matching shape on both sides because the stencil”

3. A Set Of Eyebrow Stencil Stickers & Brow Makeup

If you find most eyebrow stencils to be hard to keep still, or if you’re tired of juggling the stencil and makeup, then this eyebrow sticker set is for you. The package includes 36 stick-on stencils in six different styles, plus a three-in-one waterproof eyebrow pencil with a black pencil tip for shaping, a powder tip to fill in your brows, and a spoolie to blend. The stickers mold to your face and stay put during use so you can use both your hands for makeup application. A few lines on the stencils make it easier to position them on your face, too. You can reuse them or lift and reposition them, but these are ultimately disposable stickers, so you’ll have to replace them when you’ve used them up.

Helpful review: “I am so blown away with how well thought out this product is! The eyebrow pencil goes on with such a subtle coloring and makes your brows look naturally flawless. The stencils are amazing and adhere beautifully on your skin and can be used seamlessly to really guide your brow shaping. I really didn’t expect this to feel like such a luxe product. The pencil has weight to it and has a pencil top and also a powder end as well as a brush!! It’s basically three in one! The stencils come in this cute little packet. I love the packaging and am so glad I decided to give this a try.”

4. A 13-Piece Eyebrow Kit With Stencils

With every type of tool you need to groom your brows, this eyebrow grooming kit comes with a huge variety of tools, including a few types of tweezers, a brush, scissors, a trimmer, a spiral mascara brush, and five different stencils — plus it even includes one makeup item (a pencil in your choice of gray, black, or brown). The stencils include shapes with low, medium, and high arches, and are reasonably flexible for easy application. The set comes with a faux leather case with a built-in mirror so you can pack everything away together for travel or storage.

Helpful review: “I've been looking for a kit with these templates that will help me to better define the shape of my eyebrows into a more updated look. These are awesome! Just pick the template you like, hold it up to your brow area and fill in with pencil. I then pluck any hairs outside of the penciled area. The scissors work just fine as does the little eye lash brush. I haven't used the micro-planer yet, but I'm interested in watching some videos on how to use it. Overall this was a great find and well worth the money.”

5. An Eyebrow Stamp & Stencil Set That’s Fast & Easy To Use

Easily add detail to your eyebrows with this stencil and stamp kit. Designed for super simple application, the set comes with five plastic eyebrow stencils that reviewers suggest are sturdy and easy to hold, plus a stamp-style pomade, a spoolie for brushing your brows, and a carrying bag. The stencils have some minor markings that help with placement, and the stamp pomade is water-resistant and comes in your choice of several different shades.

Helpful review: “I have no time to draw my eyebrows on in the morning but with this, slap the stencil on there and dap the color on and I’m done, less than 5 mins I have perfect brows. I’m a nurse so I’m constantly on the go and sweating, and the brows don’t even smudge when you sweat!”