These Brow Powders Are What Fleek Dreams Are Made Of

by C Mandler

Whether you have a thick set of brows that would make Brooke Shields jealous or skinny arches à la '90s era Gwen Stefani, filling in one's eyebrows is a common step in many beauty routines. And while the convenience of brow pens make them the preferred tool for many, nothing blends quite as nicely as a powder, which is also easier to manipulate and oftentimes look more natural. To narrow down the best brow powders on the market, I took a few key things into consideration. Most importantly, they had to be offered in a variety of hues, so whether you're tawny-browed, ash-toned, or bleach-blonde, you should be able to find a shade that matches your hair color.

Additionally, having great eyebrows shouldn't have to be expensive (and let's face it, brow powder is a pretty basic product), so only one of these options — from prestige brand Anastasia — costs more than $10. And since favorite products don't exist in a vacuum, I scoured the Internet — Reddit, Amazon, social media — to find the most widely adored eyebrow powders from readers just like you.

From single pots of pigment to multi-piece kits, find the three very best brow powders below.

The Overall Best Brow Powder

The amazing thing about this pick from Anastasia Beverly Hills isn't that it comes in 11 shades — it actually comes with a whopping 22, because each compact actually contains two different colored powders. You'll be able to mix the pigments to match your hair color correctly, for a change, and build up the depth as desired — because some days, we're all about a demure brow, and some nights, we want to experiment with an ombre look. With this baby, you can do both and then some. The only rub is that this option doesn't come with an applicator, so you'll want to make sure you have a brush on hand. The high-quality formula can't be beat, however — it glides on like velvet and blends to perfection.

The Best Budget-Friendly Brow Powder Kit

This five-piece kit from NYX comes with not one, but two shades of powder, wax, a roundwand applicator for brushing, and a slanted brush for drawing on brows with precision. Like the Anastasia Beverly Hills powder duo, the dual tones in this kit allow for buildable brow color and coverage, so you can customize the shade that's right for you without needing to buy multiple products. Additionally, the wax gives brows extra hold, making sure the powder stays set all day long. Whether you want to brush your brows up with the spoolie for some extra volume or create the perfect arch with the mini slanted brush, this kit has got you covered.

Another Wallet-Wise Brow Powder Kit — And It's Even Cheaper

You simply can't beat the price tag on this four-piece brow kit from iconic British brand Rimmel. Included is a powder, a tinted brow wax, a spoolie brush, and a two-sided flat-tipped brush that's perfect for drawing on individual brow hairs. I know the fact that it comes in only three shades — two browns and a blonde — may be a dealbreaker for some of you, but if you can find your match, don't hesitate to buy it because it's so highly-reviewed — and so dang affordable — you have to try it out for yourself.

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