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The 2022 Winter Hair Color To Try, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The stars are saying “book that salon appointment.”

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November is delivering Julia Fox nearly naked ‘fit weather, but winter hair color trends have arrived nonetheless. Along with seasonal stalwarts like rich browns and sunny highlights, winter is bringing exciting new color trends to the forefront, including platinum opals, icy blues, and more. Picking from so many trending hair transformations could be daunting, but don’t fret. Instead, let your zodiac sign and a pair of first-class hair colorist experts guide you. Whether the right move is to stand out from the crowd like a total Leo or keep things low-maintenance in true Virgo form, there’s a 2022 winter hair color trend that was written in the stars just for you.

Elite Daily reached out to Jamie Wiley, artistic director of Pureology, and Lorena M. Valdes, colorist extraordinaire at Maxine Salon, to match up your sign with the new winter hair color of your dreams. Their expert advice is based on the latest trend reporting and the characteristics of each of the zodiac signs so you’re sure to be paired with the right new ‘do. Read on to discover your perfect winter hair color according to your zodiac sign. If you’re not convinced by your main match, be sure to check your sun, moon, and rising placements and get ready to book your next salon appointment ASAP.

The Winter Hair Color Trend For Aries: Rich Red Hair

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Aries is about as fiery as they come. You’re courageous and unafraid to try new things, and both Valdez and Wiley see reds in your future. “A bold color will match [Aries’] high energy. In the cooler months, a bright berry or wine will look beautiful on an Aries,” Wiley tells Elite Daily. To light up your style, try a Megan Fox coppery red or a rich shade of mulberry à la Sophie Turner.

The Winter Hair Color Trend For Taurus: Chunky Highlights

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Despite often being labeled the chill girlies of the zodiac, Tauruses love a little glamour as long as self-care is also front and center. That’s why Valdes suggests trying out an egirl moment. Aim for chunky highlights mixed in with your natural shade, plus a pop of blonde to draw the eye.

The Winter Hair Color Trend For Gemini: Rainbows & Blue

Gemini thrives in the creative chaos of trying new things, even if they have a hard time deciding which change to make. For Gemini, a super bold look is definitely the move. “They want their hair to shout. Dimensional vibrant colors do just that. For winter, think smokey blue with rainbow accent pieces,” Wiley says.

The Winter Hair Color Trend For Cancer: Chestnut Brown

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“Cancers are nurturing, sensitive, and fun-loving. They like their space to recharge, and in the winter, a dark chestnut brown is one of the best hair colors for this zodiac,” says Wiley. The darker color is great for making your hair look thicker, bold, and more dramatic, all without being too intense.

The Winter Hair Color Trend For Leo: Expensive Blond


There’s nothing a Leo loves more than luxury so Valdes encourages this sign to get an “expensive blond” ‘do. A light blond shade with an expert blend of low- and highlights will get you there.

The Winter Hair Color Trend For Virgo: Warm Espresso Brunette

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Both Wiley and Valdes suggest Virgos amp up their winter look with a rich shade of espresso. To keep the dark shade from overwhelming you, Valdes suggests keeping it “natural and shiny with subtle warm tones.” This approach will add dimension to your hair while still being effortless.

The Winter Hair Color Trend For Libra: Blushy Accents

Libras are incredibly indecisive, but adding some blushy tones to their hair is a fresh look without too much commitment. “Libras can snuggle into the idea of blush pink either as a gloss for blondes, or some highlights with balayage of a rose gold for brunettes,” Valdes says. It’s a small transformation, but it’s all you need for a winter refresh.

The Winter Hair Color Trend For Scorpio: Raven Black

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Moody, mysterious Scorpios deserve a color that’s as intense as they are. “They need a hair color that’s sophisticated and powerful just like their personality. A polished dark shade works beautifully for their zodiac characteristics,” says Wiley.

The Winter Hair Color Trend For Sagittarius: Platinum Opal

Valdes wants wanderlust Sagittarians to try out a platinum opal ‘do. It’s a hair color like you’ve never seen, so there’s no doubt it’ll keep even an easily bored Sag interested. There’s a lot of work that goes into this look — it’s best done in the hands of a professional — but the resulting dreamy, iridescent hair color is so worth it.

The Winter Hair Color Trend For Capricorn: Sunny Highlights

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Capricorns are perfectionists who might not be willing to change up their natural color too much. Instead, try sunny highlights in your hair for a lighter touch. Wiley calls this look “practical and wearable. It says ‘I am a go-getter’ without trying too hard.”

The Winter Hair Color Trend For Aquarius: Icy Blue

Is it cold in here or is it your next ‘do? If you’re an eccentric Aquarian, Valdes is seeing icy blue shades in your future. First, aim for platinum, then amp things up with a blue-toned conditioner or tint to embody the ice queen you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

The Winter Hair Color Trend For Pisces: Cinnamon Apple Cider Hair

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It’s time to get spicy, Pisces because Wiley wants you to break out some soft brown shading. “Pisces, like all water signs, are ruled by their emotions and have a reputation for being deeply spiritual. They think with their hearts, so a warm tone of cinnamon brown suits the empathetic Pisces beautifully,” the hairstylist says.

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