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Revolution Beauty's "Game of Thrones" collection.

This New Game Of Thrones Makeup Collection Is Fit For A Targaryen

House of the Dragon who?

Courtesy of Revolution Beauty

The world of Game of Thrones has finally returned through the prequel series House of the Dragon. The latest chapter in the Game of Thrones saga has brought back all the masterful CGI, intense storylines, and high drama you’d expect from the franchise, but there’s even more Game of Thrones newness to celebrate. In honor of the return of one of the most popular shows of the 2000s, Revolution Beauty dropped an entire Game of Thrones makeup collection on Wednesday, Sept. 7. The Game of Thrones x Revolution Collection is packed with high-impact products and easter eggs for the fandom. There’s even an iron throne for whatever makeup sponge you deem worthy of ruling.

Game of Thrones was notorious for its rich history and intricate plotlines and the Game of Thrones x Revolution Collection is as wide-ranging as a map of Westeros. There are pieces inspired by each of the Seven Kingdoms and many of the creatures and characters you might be missing since the show ended, all with clever shade names. With a whopping 15 products, there’s a lot to love here, no matter where your loyalties lie. This collection is, as the Mother of Dragons herself would probably say, absolute Dracarys.

Courtesy of Revolution

What’s included in the Game of Thrones x Revolution Collection?

Revolution really didn’t skimp on the lineup here, so buckle in as I take you through the 15 different products featured in this collection. To start, there are three 18-shade eyeshadow palettes. There’s the fiery, warm Dragon Forever Palette filled with shimmering golds, reds, and oranges, and named after none other than Daenerys. If you prefer a colder climate, the Winter Is Coming Palette is ideal for channeling your inner Stark (or even your inner White Walker) with a wide selection of blues and grays. For a more subtle option, the 3-Eyed Raven Palette has all the neutral shades you could ever want in both matte and shimmer finishes.

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You can also shop the Westeros Map Palette which has 48 different shadows to choose from. It’s rich with neutral shades, but there are also some electric colors, named after famous places in the Seven Kingdoms, to really spice up your cut crease looks. If liquid eyeshadows are more your style, the line also features a Shadow Bomb Set of three highly pigmented, liquid shades in sparkling gold, midnight black, and glittery silver. To finish off your Game of Thrones eye makeup look, there’s the Renaissance Flick Raven Black Liner.

The collection also has a Soap Styler to brush your brows up to perfection and a Dragon Lash Mascara that’ll have your eyelashes soaring to new heights. The line also includes four Matte Bomb lipsticks named after iconic Game of Thrones women. There’s Arya, a muted pink, Sansa, a deep plum, Cersei, a firetruck red, and Daenerys, a rich, black. Each one is creamy and smudge-proof. Last but not least, the Game of Thrones x Revolution Collection has all the tools you need to pull off any looks you’re dreaming of. There’s a Dragon Egg Blender, 3 Eyed Raven Brush Set, and even a Velvet Cosmetic bag.

How much does the Game of Thrones x Revolution Collection cost?

The best part of this collection, aside from all the amazing references, has to be the price point. Every product is priced between $8 and $32, with most items on the lower end of the cost spectrum. The Matte Bomb Lipsticks, Soap Styler, and Dragon Egg Blender are all just $8 and the Renaissance Flick Raven Black Liner is $9. The Dragon Forever Palette, Winter Is Coming Palette, and 3-Eyed Raven Palette are each $18, and the Shadow Bomb Set is $20. The Westeros Map Palette is the most expensive product, but considering that it has 48 different shades, it’s pretty affordably priced at $32.

When can you shop the Game of Thrones x Revolution Collection?

The Game of Thrones x Revolution Collection is available now on the Revolution Beauty website. Given how hard this fandom goes, products are likely to sell out. It’s a good idea not to sleep on this collection, especially on the palettes which I’m guessing are going to be the first items to fly off the shelves. Whether you draw your beauty inspo from beyond the wall with the White Walkers or Essos among the Dothraki, the Games of Thrones x Revolution Collection will level up your fantasy glam game.