Nailed It

The Unreal Rainbow Nail Art That’ll Help You Celebrate Pride Every Day

You won’t want to take these designs off.

With Pride Month officially in full swing, you've likely got a few celebratory events coming up on your calendar. Along with party-ready makeup looks, you might've recently searched for photos of rainbow manicures to ensure you'll be looking festive AF from head to fingertip. Pride beauty inspiration is so incredibly fun thanks to its colorful, glittery, and anything goes nature, so go ahead and get excited to rock the most vibrant technicolor nail art out there.

Rainbow manicures can take on endless forms, which is what makes them so fun to peruse. You can stick with classic multicolored arches, opt for shimmery flecks of birthday cake-style confetti glitter, take a more minimal approach and apply a singular hint of color to each nail, or channel your inner wild child and go full on tie dye — and those are only a few suggestions. No matter what your aesthetic is or how bold you want your nails to be, there'll be a manicure that you'll be excited to wear all Pride month and beyond. Below, check out 10 awesome rainbow looks by some of the best nail artists around and get inspired to make an appointment at your salon stat.

Hot Tips

A French manicure in rainbow form? Oui, s'il vous plaît! Each tip in this manicure gets a two-tone treatment and when viewed next to one another, they span the entire color spectrum. It's subtle, sleek, and a great minimalist approach to rainbow.

Far Out

This manicure is a super cool and unconventional approach to rainbow nails, which makes it all the more covetable! Colors melt into one another in ombré form across each nail, while white star details add bold graphic pops.


I'm a sucker for sparkles, so naturally this manicure caught my eye right away! Multicolored glitter was applied on top of natural nails, resulting in a playfully festive look.

Silver Linings

Rainbow is good, but rainbow bookended by stripes of metallic silver? It's epic.

Fine Outlines

This is another great option if you prefer manicures with a more minimalist appeal. Each nail has been painted a soft nude, with the colors of the rainbow appearing to outline the bottom half of each nail in super subtle form.

Color Blocks

Want each color of the rainbow on your nail but not necessarily in arch form? This manicure shows you how to take a more graphic approach.


If you tend to gravitate toward nail art that's, shall we say, extra, this crystal embellished mani might be for you. Featuring glittery silver nail beds dotted with colorful gems, it's a whole lot of shimmer and shine and will definitely earn you head turn or two.

Au Naturale

This is a beautifully artistic take on rainbow nails. Depending how subtle you want your manicure to be, you could choose as few as one nail on each hand to get the detailing painted on.

Major Vibes

I am obsessed with this look — it's colorful, vibrant, and incorporates your natural nail color into the color spectrum, which gives it an incredibly unique twist.

'90s Babe

Lisa Frank is the most rainbow brand to ever exist, and this manicure is definitely channeling it hard.