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No One's Making Jokes About Yale After This Insane Lacrosse Hit

Let's face it, sports fans generally don't think much of athletes from Yale, never mind those from all Ivy League schools.

It's the reason most people's first reaction to Yale being drawn to play Duke in the NCAA Tournament was to immediately make fun of them.

The worst stereotypes for athletes at these "nerdy" schools aren't hard to describe, either. They're prissy, soft and more worthy of being called athlete-students for the same reason all other players are regarded as student-athletes.

In both cases, it's just as easy to forget those people do the first part of their titles.

But stereotypes are meant to be broken. Yale's basketball pulled off a big March Madness upset before actually giving Duke a run for their money. But that's nothing compared to what Yale Lacrosse has done.

On Sunday, the Bulldogs won their fourth Ivy League tournament in five years and, in the process, annihilated one of their blood rival's players.

Yale's Liam Kelly flattened Harvard freshman Joe Lang, plain and simple. And even though the hit drew a penalty, it's no less noteworthy.

Yeah, so much for being "soft."

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