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Yale Plays Duke Tomorrow, So Obviously Everyone Is Making Fun Of Them

Once Yale earned a second-round date with Duke, this was bound to happen.

Let's face it, Duke vs. Yale is a matchup of two of the most pretentious universities in the country. No one likes pretentious. So, naturally, everyone started to make fun of them, and the jokes are hilarious.

The "previews" are dead on.

#Duke vs. #Yale Preview... — BLACK ADAM SCHEFTER (@B1ackSchefter) March 18, 2016

And we all know what mandatory attire is.

The location couldn't be any more perfect, either.

Yale will meet Duke in Providence, which is the whitest thing I've ever typed. — Michael Jenkins (@JenksCSN) March 17, 2016

Just a fair warning, though, to all the alumni.

The only question is, whom do we want to win?

Now, all we need is a tiebreaker.

Glad that's settled. Can't wait to tune in!