Usain Bolt Slayed The Cameras Again With This Perfect Mid-Race Photo

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt just did it again.

Last Sunday, Bolt became the subject of a now iconic Olympic image, in which he actually turned around to smile as he won the men's 100-meter semifinal race.

Well, the fastest man in the world just did it again. Just a short while ago, Usain Bolt crushed the competition and eased his way to a semifinal birth in the men's 200-meter competition.

Before he crossed the finish line, though, Bolt somehow managed to spot the cameras and pose for yet another perfect mid-race photo.

I mean, how does this man keep doing it? I totally understand being the fastest man alive and winning these races with relative ease, but having the ability to spot the cameras not once, but twice, and win by an extremely comfortable margin is downright otherworldly.

Arguably, US swimmer Michael Phelps' domination inside Rio's pools has been the biggest story at the 2016 Summer Olympics, but hell if Usain Bolt's wins and photos aren't coming up strong from behind to take the lead.

Bolt will have a chance to do this again when he races in the semis of the men's 200-meter competition.