Usain Bolt Was Literally Laughing While Dominating His Olympic Race


Usain Bolt did it again.

The Jamaican sprinter won the 100-meter race at the Rio Olympics with a come-from-behind victory that landed him his third straight gold medal in the event.


The 29-year-old star finished in classic fashion, too, fitting in a celebratory thump to the chest right before crossing the finish line.

Usain Bolt thumped his chest before the end of the race. — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) August 15, 2016

But that's not the most impressive story among today's this-guy-really-celebrates-while-competing news. It's the way he won the 100-meter semifinal that had people talking most.

On Saturday, Bolt found time to take multiple looks away from the finish line, but on Sunday, he went even further.

In one of the more memorable moments of these Olympic games, Bolt turned around during the semi-final and laughed at how far he was ahead of the competition.


The moment instantly became a topic of conversation on Twitter.

When you let up before the finish line and still run a season-best 9.86. — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) August 15, 2016

And, of course, people saw an opportunity to get a laugh in.

Yep, no enjoyable trending topic is complete without a few jokes. And no Olympics is complete without Usain Bolt making a joke of the competition.