Usain Bolt Showed Up At The Olympics And Basically Won A Race Without Trying


Usain Bolt has officially arrived at the Rio Olympics.

That means he's back to doing what perhaps no other athlete on Earth does better: showing off in the middle of a performance.

That's what makes Usain Bolt performances so crazy: the actual ability to stunt in the middle of a run. Just think about it.

Steph Curry shimmies after hitting a three-pointer. Cam Newton dances after scoring a touchdown.

And here comes this guy, winning races while looking away from the finish line and visibly avoiding trying his best.

He told the Associated Press,

Yeah, no big deal.

Oh, and by the way, that was just an opening heat for the 100-meter race. But, it's pretty important to remember what Bolt is actually chasing when he gets to the finals.

Bolt can -- and, let's be serious, probably will -- become the first man to win a gold medal in the 100m, back-to-back-to-back.

So, like Katie Ledecky, the man is pretty much competing against his own records at this point, not actual people.

That's the new trend for Olympic legends, apparently.

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